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Weekly Challenge #1
Weekly Challenge #1
This week's prompt is Donna's blackmail material.

Your entry should focus in some way on what kind of blackmail material Donna has on someone. This can either be canon (like material she has on Louis or Cameron) or something else.

The rules to the challenge are located here.

Word Requirement:
Minimum: 100 words (drabble)
There is no maximum. Write as much as you want, just as long as you submit it by the deadline.

Posting Rules
Each challenge will be it's own post. You will post your fanfic as a comment or a link to your fanfic there. You can link your fanfic to anywhere you want. Additionally, I have created anArchive of Our Own Collection. You can post your story there, just make sure that you comment with link. 

IMPORTANT: Your fanfic must be new! This is not a challenge to rec your old fanfics. Please, don't do this. This is to inspire new writers to come to the fandom and old writers to get past blocks or whatever else.

Your comment/reply to the challenge should have the following:
1. Fits the given prompt. Therefore, your entry should center around that prompt in some way.
2. In the header: Characters/Pairing, warnings, and rating (though the rating, I'm lenient on). The warnings are ones that can be found at the Rules Post.

Refer to the mod post for any questions.

Re: Locked Up Tighter Than Fort Knox - Mike/Donna, PG-13

The file in her safe is so slim that it’s hard to believe Donna has information on anyone. But Mike knows better. He knows that that file is the key to everything.

See, there’s a video out there, one of Mike Ross, that he’d really, really love to get his hands on. It’s a bit shaky, the person taping it having gotten the giggles halfway through the recording, but he’s still clearly visible in yellow duck boxers and dancing terribly to I’m Too Sexy.

“Where is it?” Mike whispers against her cheek, running a hand down her side to clench around her hip, fingers playing with the elastic of her panties. “Come on, you can tell me.” He presses his own hips into the v of her legs where he’s resting, taking in the hitch of her breath when he moves. “Donna….”

“Not. Telling,” she bites out, rolling her hips up and making his breath match hers. She inhales sharply when he simultaneously presses his hips down and nips at her earlobe. She knows exactly what he’s doing and does her damndest to not let her gaze flicker to the closet.

Which is, of course, exactly what happens. And smart, handsome, observant Mike happens to catch her. He kisses her deep and makes her groan and she desperately wants those fingers wrapped around her waist just a bit lower.

But then he’s up and off her and she bites back a moan of disappointment. He’s got the closet door open before she even realizes, but when she hears the sound hangers, she’s up and at the door in a moment.

“Mike,” she says and it’s that tone that makes even the strongest of men cower. Sure enough, Mike stops what he’s doing and turns quietly, his face showing slight embarrassment. “Even if you find the safe, you won’t be able to open it.”

This is really the most ridiculous scenario she’s ever been in, but she’s blaming Mike for the fact that they’re both standing in her closet in their underwear, both supremely aroused. She’s also blaming him for the fact that she hasn’t been able to get off yet. If he were anyone else, she’d had locked him in the closet and dealt with the situation herself.

“You have a safe,” he states. It’s not a question and he doesn’t sound like he’s in awe. And suddenly there’s a glint in his eye that immediately sends a shot of arousal through her. “What’s the code?” he asks, his tone teasing because he knows getting the code won’t be near as easy to get out of her as the location was.

“Nope,” she says as she backs away and the smile on her face grows wider as Mike steps toward her. She barely registers when he darts forward and grabs her around the waist, but she can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of her when he presses hot, wet kisses on her neck.

“What’s the code, Donna?” he asks and he’s back to pressing her into the bed, her knees coming up around his waist. But she’s still laughing and she looks so stunning that he forgets about the safe and the closet and the file and instead focuses on making Donna feel as good as possible. That is, until she starts humming I’m Too Sexy under her breath.

By the end of the night, Donna’s file has one more attachment in the form of another video, this time with pink boxers and a rather stunning rendition of We R Who We R.


This...started someplace and ended in a completely different place. Like, a different planet. I don't know.

Re: Locked Up Tighter Than Fort Knox - Mike/Donna, PG-13

Haha This was wonderful!! But you see, the problem is, now I desperately want to view these videos of Mike and clearly there is no way of that actually happening. So do you see what you've done here? :p Seriously though, I really enjoyed this!


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