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Weekly Challenge #1
Weekly Challenge #1
This week's prompt is Donna's blackmail material.

Your entry should focus in some way on what kind of blackmail material Donna has on someone. This can either be canon (like material she has on Louis or Cameron) or something else.

The rules to the challenge are located here.

Word Requirement:
Minimum: 100 words (drabble)
There is no maximum. Write as much as you want, just as long as you submit it by the deadline.

Posting Rules
Each challenge will be it's own post. You will post your fanfic as a comment or a link to your fanfic there. You can link your fanfic to anywhere you want. Additionally, I have created anArchive of Our Own Collection. You can post your story there, just make sure that you comment with link. 

IMPORTANT: Your fanfic must be new! This is not a challenge to rec your old fanfics. Please, don't do this. This is to inspire new writers to come to the fandom and old writers to get past blocks or whatever else.

Your comment/reply to the challenge should have the following:
1. Fits the given prompt. Therefore, your entry should center around that prompt in some way.
2. In the header: Characters/Pairing, warnings, and rating (though the rating, I'm lenient on). The warnings are ones that can be found at the Rules Post.

Refer to the mod post for any questions.

Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13)

Donna smiled as she sat back down at her desk. She watched Harvey go back to his office, angry. She shook her head and turned back to her computer.

After an hour, Harvey came out of his office, now much calmer. "You can take a day off but on two conditions."

Donna nodded, smiling.

"First, you never ever try to blackmail me again. Those photos/recording whatever else will be destroyed. Second, make sure that your coverage isn't Norma," said Harvey. Once he was finished, he held his hand out to shake Donna's.

"I wouldn't have to if you had agreed to it in the first place. And Norma isn't bad but yes, I'll make sure that you have someone you're not afraid of," stated Donna, shaking hands with Harvey and sealing the deal.

Harvey looked at her for a few seconds before walking back into his office. "Oh and call Mike. He should have the briefs ready for me," He said before entering his office.

Donna nodded. She waited until Harvey was sitting at his desk before opening her top desk drawer and looking at the amount of DVDs that she had there. Destroy this evidence, he says She thought, whatever you say Harvey. She grabbed the DVD that she blackmailed him with and put it in an envelope. Harvey didn't have to know that she had many more DVDs and audio tapes from the numerous 'late night work' that Harvey and Mike engaged in.

She smiled at Mike when he walked past her desk and mentioned towards the envelope that held the DVD. "That's for you. Oh and you and Harvey should really stop having sex at the office..too many cameras around," She said while typing up a list of things for tomorrow's coverage to do.

Re: Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13)


Harvey/Mike, Donna, Louis (Rating: PG-13)

Title: Mike’s secret admirer
Pairing: Harvey Specter/Mike Ross
Other characters: Donna, Louis Litt
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,031
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Warning: none
Summary: Donna looks in Harvey’s drawers to borrow his stapler and finds something intriguing instead.


Gen - "Fashion Faux Pas 1/2" rated PG-13

"You really should wear red more often," Donna tells him, leaning back in her chair and tapping a pen against her lip thoughtfully.

"What?" Mike says, frozen halfway to Harvey's door. He can't say why, exactly, but something in Donna's tone is setting off all his dangerous red-head plotting evil things warning bells.

"I think you should wear more red. It's a good color on you. Though, personally, I would stay far, far away from the spandex..."

The warning bells are now a wailing air-raid siren of impending doom. Mike gulps, hugging the Macnillian briefs to his chest as though the flimsy paper could protect him from Donna's laser-like focus.

"Uh," he says cautiously, "Yeah, that sounds like pretty sound fashion advice. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Red, good. Spandex, bad. Got it."

"Hmm," she says, turning back to her monitor and smirking in a way that reminds Mike of a cat watching a canary. "Too bad I wasn't around to impart my vast wisdom on you in high school. Of course, then I would have missed out on this glorious black-mail opportunity."

Mike's heart sinks into his shoes and his palms start to sweat. He closes his eyes and prays briefly for strength, then stretches his neck to see what's on Donna's screen.

His worst fears are confirmed as he sees the large, full-color yearbook shot of his 16-year-old self contorted around a wrestling opponent as he pins the other boy in a half-nelson. His skinny teenage ass is sticking up in the air, clad in the traditional snug spandex leotard, bright red. The outfit is completed by rather unflattering protective headgear and a bright red mouth guard. His face is twisted with effort as he struggles to keep his opponent pinned, hair sweaty and sticking up in between the straps of the headgear.

Mike groans and drops his head onto Donna's partition, thumping it twice more for good measure as a hot blush rises up his neck and over his cheeks.

"Why do you have that?" he moans theatrically.

"I think the better question is: what will you give me to keep this photo off the break room bulletin board? Also, what sort of exercises did you do to keep your ass that pert? I'm looking to break up my workout routine a little, and whatever you were doing gave you the ass of cheer-leading college co-ed."

"Anything," Mike begs, clasping his hands in front of his chest and adopting his best wounded puppy look. "I'll give you anything to delete that photo."

"Oh, sweetie," Donna exclaims, pressing a slim hand to her bosom as she laughs (rather cruelly, Mike thinks), "I'm not going to delete it! You think I'm going to give up this sort of quality blackmail material? Think again. But if you promise to bring me a half-caff soy vanilla latte every morning for the foreseeable future, I promise I'll lock it up nice and safe in my password protected blackmail file for good."

Re: Gen - "Fashion Faux Pas 2/2" rated PG-13

"For good?" Mike repeats hopefully.

"Well, that might be a stretch. Let's just say that if you do as I say and don't piss me off, it'll stay safely tucked away in all its leotard-ed glory. Sound good?"

It doesn't sound good. Not at ALL. It sounds terrifying and a little bit like selling his soul to the devil. But really, what choice does he have?

"Sure," he squeaks, trying to muster up a reassuring smile. "Whatever you say, Donna."

"That's a good boy," Donna says fondly. "Don't forget my coffee tomorrow - just remember, my cousin works at Kinko's. I can have life-size posters made at the drop of a hat."

Mike gulps and nods frantically.

"You can go ahead and leave those files here - Harvey's almost done with his meeting, and I'll be sure to let him know you had them here on time."

"Thank you, Donna. And, um, you look stunning today - that color green looks ravishing with your hair."

Donna smirks at him and raises a well-manicured brow expectantly. Mike hands her the files hastily and manages to babble a few more placating compliments before turning tail and practically running back to his cubicle.

He almost bowls Harvey over in the process, babbling about poor choices in high school extra-curricular activities and terrifying administrative assistants before continuing to flee.

Harvey shoots Donna a mildly scolding look.

"Donna, are you traumatizing my associate?"

Donna adopts a piously innocent look. "Who, me? Of course not. I simply provided a bit of... incentive for the puppy to behave."

"And by incentive you mean blackmail material, correct?"

"You make is sound so crude," Donna pouts.

"Stop screwing with the kid's head. He's flighty enough as it is."

Donna smirks.

"I don't think you're in a position to be telling me what I can and cannot do, Harvey, or have you forgotten about that little file I have tucked away on my hard drive - acid_washed_jeans.jpeg?"

Harvey blanches.

"Have I mentioned how ravishing that color looks with your hair?"



Polaroids - Gen (Donna, Harvey,Mike) Rated: PG

Donna was the oldest of five, ten years older then the youngest. The thing that happened with being the oldest of that brood is that as a survival instinct she learnt that the best way to control her siblings was the power of blackmail material, and not to use that power for evil.

It really started when she was ten, the rest were born and some were beginning to gain their own survival traits depending on their birth order.

Keith had just figured out weeks and days meant and the joys of a calendar, she had just gotten grounded for two weeks. She'd been fully expecting to serve a few days of her sentence and get early release from the fact that her mother was weary one of five and couldn't remember when she was grounded, just that she'd been climbing fences she shouldn't have and that it had been for two weeks.

Keith, the little brat that he would always be, kindly pointed out that she had only been grounded for three days so far.

Hence, the need for revenge in a way only a ten year girl could feel.

She tried threats and bribes but that only got her grounded longer. Then, by coincidence, she found out that Keith was trading their youngest brother Rollie pollies for his skittles.

Through tears, feet stomping, and decrees of unfairness she also found out it wasn't blackmail if you couldn't prove it.

She still has the old polaroid shed taken. Keith's wife had loved it.

As the years went by her techniques evolved to fit her sibling's utter evilness and brattiness, she loved them now but 'then' they were mini Satans out to ruin her life.

She learnt the dangers of bluffing, age 13 against Martha and the case of the broken vase. She had proof Martha broke it but she wasn't supposed to be out of her room in order to have the proof. Martha didn't believe she'd risk getting in trouble just to out her.

Really, little John hadn't deserved the blame for the vase but what made her go against her original plan of dropping it if Martha called her on her bluff was the belief that she wouldn't go through with it. She did ride the 'Champion of the Weak' card for a full week though.

Since that fateful cry of 'no you won't,' her siblings learnt that oh yes she would until Keith called her on a bluff and the mess that made lasted weeks.

So she learnt the dangers of bluffing, and that she'd better be prepared for the consequences.

Re: Polaroids - Gen (Donna, Harvey,Mike) Rated: PG (part 2/2)

She also learnt the value of holding onto the evidence for a rainy day. Age 16 against Justin and his middle child induced sense of injustice. Honestly, this didn't involve blackmail so much as the threat of revenge and a lesson for the future.

It had started with Justin's usual 'why can I never do anything, I'm ignored by everyone, and nobody cares about me' spiel. It lead to them not seeing the movie she'd been waiting for weeks to see. Then to rub the salt further into her wounds, all her friends had seen it and wouldn't shut up about it.

That same week Justin started his whole spiel when she'd wanted to go out with friends. Her unrivaled fury still going strong, she dragged him off and threatened to show all of his little friends a picture of him putting on their mom's lipstick from a few years ago.

She had gone out with her friends. Funnily enough, it was that same picture that taught Justin to demand that blackmail material be destroyed and her not to over use a piece of blackmail.

Since those childhood days her blackmailing had died down but she still couldn't break the habit of collecting material. Like the photo of a small puppy licking Harvey's face off. She'd had to show it to Jessica for Harvey not to call her bluff, but he had attended Martha's second marriage with her.

Mike on the other hand was trying to decide if she was some minor god like creature. She enjoyed making him think she knew all and flaunted her ability jus to see his deer in headlight look. She really didn't have to do much. He was young and an only child. He really had no defense against her ability to get embarrassing photos and information of him. Unlike Harvey who had an older brother and had adapted accordingly.

Mike was like an unprotected treasure chest of embarrassing moments. Markers up his nose, sleeping under his desk, things like that.

Harvey, anything like that was caught by luck. Like the puppy incident or a kid shoving an ice cream cone in his face. She was saving that one for something special or if Martha divorced and got married again. His brother must have been something to see in action to enforce that much defense.

It made what she had gold, and soon Mike would be an almost Harvey and maybe get a good laugh out of his younger days but the cache that she was building... She was going to get fancy dinners once a week until she was 90.

Right Place, Right Time [1/2]

Donna knocked on the door of Louis' office rapidly before he looked up from his computer and acknowledged her. Donna coming to his office only ever meant one thing, she needed a favor. Or worse, Harvey needed a favor.

"What do you want from me, Donna? That's rhetorical of course, because the answer is no."

"Louis, I'm insulted. Can't a girl just come visit you because she's looking for some good old fashioned intellectual stimulation?"

"Seriously? That's the best you can come up with?"

Donna shrugged. "Well, it was short notice, and you're not exactly worthy of my best material."

"So what exactly is it you want from me? Or rather what did Harvey send you here to get from me? 'Cause the answer is still no."

"He needs you to get him in to see Judge Daniels."

"No. Not happening. You can leave now."

"It's just this once. Come on, Louis. You know if he can get in to see him early it increases his chances of winning, which is good for the firm."

"It's not just this once though. I've done it for him twice before. And I really don't care about Harvey's chances of winning. I'm sure he can find another way to win, he's the great Harvey Specter, after all. It won't be with my help."

"I don't see what the big problem is."

"The problem is if I keep getting Harvey in to early meetings with Judge Daniels, he is going to build a rapport, because Harvey's charming and that's what he does and then he won't need me as the go between."

"So you're jealous Harvey is going to steal your judge from you?"

"I'm not jealous. It's about leverage, and I'm not giving up the little bit of leverage I have over Harvey. No thanks."

"You have some real issues, Litt."

"Whatever. We're done here. Doors that way."

"I'm going to ask you one more time.. nicely."

"And then what? You ask meanly? Don't care. No."

"All right, Litt. I didn't want to have to do this but you're leaving me no choice."

Donna reached into the inside pocket of her blazer and pulled out her cell phone.

"Really, Donna? You're going to call Jessica and tattle on me? I thought you were better than this."

"Oh, I am, sweetheart. Watch and learn," Donna said as she clicked some buttons on her cell and brought up a picture. "I present to you, Exhibit A." She walked closer to Louis and faced the phone towards him so he could view the screen.

"Where...how did you get this?" Louis' face drained of color as he stared at the screen, mouth slightly agape.

"You know the saying 'right place, right time'? That's how." Donna smiled.

"What if..I mean..if I make the call and get Harvey in, you'll delete it, right?"

"As much as I'd love to keep this picture, or maybe tile it as the background on my computer, yes, I'll delete it."

"I can't believe you're blackmailing me in my own office."

"I'm sorry. Would you like to go some place different? Perhaps the employee lounge would be better for you."

"What if I don't care if you show anyone?"

Louis swallowed hard. Donna knew he was just looking for a reaction, testing the waters a bit, it was obvious he didn't want people to see.

Re: Right Place, Right Time [2/2]

"You know," Donna started, facing the screen towards her and giving it a once over. "It actually kind of looks a little Specter-esque, I mean, poor man's Specter-esque, but is that what you were going for with it? To look more like Harvey? I think Harvey, of all the people I plan to show, will definitely get a kick out of it. In fact, he'll probably never let you live it down."

"Fine," Louis snapped. "I'll make your damn call. Just delete the picture and I never want this to be spoken of again. Got it?"

"Got it. Now call first before I delete it."

"You don't trust me?"

Donna just shot Louis an incredulous look. It was enough for Louis to get the message because he picked up the phone and dialed the number. Donna watched him jot down a note on a piece of paper. He hung up the phone and slid the piece of paper across the desk. "Now delete it."

Donna let Louis watch as she deleted the picture from her phone. Of course, Louis had to inspect the phone after wards to make sure there was no evidence of it. Donna had thought about saving the picture to her computer before coming here, but she was a woman of her word and it's not like blackmail material on Louis was exactly hard to come by.

"Remember. We never speak of this again."

"One more question, Louis. Where did you get that thing at, anyway?"

"Get out, Donna."

"I'd definitely ditch it if I were you. It kind of looks like it might still be alive."


"All right, all right. I'm going. Good doing business with you," Donna smiled as she finally exited Louis' office.


When Harvey asked her how she had gotten Louis to agree to set up the meeting, Donna just smiled and insisted that she 'has her ways', of course, Harvey knew this better than anybody. He was used to Donna being able to pull off things others would deem impossible.

Really, this time it had been pure luck, or perhaps the god's smiling down upon her and gifting her with such an opportunity. She had been out to dinner with a friend at a restaurant across town when she spotted somebody who looked a lot like Louis, only he had hair, or something that was supposed to look like hair. Turns out it was Louis and he was wearing a toupee. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had styled said toupee in a way that was eerily similar to the way Harvey styled his hair.

Donna couldn't not seize this opportunity so she whipped out her camera phone and took a picture, before convincing her friend they should go to a different place. She was able to slip out completely unnoticed by Louis. She knew that picture would come in handy, she just didn't know how soon. Of course, the picture was now deleted, but that didn't matter, that mental image wasn't leaving any time soon.

Gen "Trevor Returns" 1/1 (Spoilers: Ep.112)

First fic ever, please comment. Thanks.


Donna’s phone buzzes, she looks at the caller id, smiles and picks it up.
“Hey, sis.”
“Hey, sweet pea.”
“How’s Montana?”
“Missing a felon.”
“Really, and you think I can help?”
“Well, you do know everything!”
“What? He’s in New York?”
“Not just that, he was bragging about bringing down Harvey Specter.”
“What? Who? Oh! Oh my god! Trevor! He jumped bail?”
“You got it girl.”
“So where are you?”
“Outside Pearson Hardmann.”
“Damn – I’ll call down to security so you can come up.”
Donna pressed the button on the intercom –“Harvey, we have a problem – Trevor’s in town.”

Harvey looks up as a striking woman follows Donna into his office.
“Hey Dog, how’s the bounty business?”
“Harvey, you’re an ass – maybe I should just let Evans screw you.”
“Teresa, Teresa, you know I love you! – what did he skip out on?”
“So, how do we shut him up?”

Sometime later, Jessica is stopped by a young man in a suit.
“Miss Pearson, Trevor Evans, I’m a friend of Mike Ross.”
“I wish I didn’t have to do this, but there’s something you need to know about him, something Harvey Specter hasn’t told you.”
“What is it?”

Donna’s head turns sharply, she jumps up from her desk and walks swiftly towards Jessica, “Mrs Compton is waiting for you in room 3.”
“Thank you, Donna, I’ll be right there. Do you have the contracts ready?”
“They’re right here on my desk,” she says, looking up at Jessica’s companion.
“Donna, this is Mr. Evans. Mr. Evans, perhaps you will go with Donna who’ll find you a cup of coffee and I’ll be right with you – this contract signing should only take 5 minutes and then I’ll be very interested in what it is you have to say.”
Jessica smiles, accepts a file from Donna and heads off towards the elevators, curious but once again thankful for Donna’s codes. She does not like to be accosted in the hallways of Pearson Hardmann.

Donna smiles and escorts Trevor towards the kitchen, chatting pleasantly about the weather.
She takes him and his coffee to a small conference room; once he’s seated she drops her smile.
“So, Mr. Evans, you think you can bring down Harvey Specter?”
“What?” Trevor looks confused for a moment, “Yes – I know all about Mike, I’ve known him for years and I know what Specter did.”
“And I know that you skipped bail in Montana and that my sister is here to bring you in.”
Trevor stares at her, then grins, “So what, I can still ditch Specter.”
“You can... or you can keep your mouth shut, walk out of here, return to Montana and face two years instead of ten.”
Trevor blanches, recovers and says “It still doesn’t stop me from ruining Specter.”
“True.” Donna turns and opens the file she’d brought with her; she places three photographs on the table in front of him.
He turns pale, again.
“But... how... I...they can’t be admissible?”
“Possibly not but do you really want to risk it?”
One of the buildings security guards knocks and enters the room, Donna nods towards Trevor, “I think Mr. Evans is ready to leave now.”
In the lobby, Teresa cuffs him and walks him outside.

Jessica is waiting in Harvey’s office. As he walks in she asks, “Mr. Evans seemed suddenly disinclined to tell me your secrets Harvey, should I be worried?”
“Not any more,Jessica.”
She gets up and moves towards the door, turns slowly, “And Mr. Ross? Is there anything I should know about him?”
A smirk crosses Harvey’s face, “Only that he’s still a virgin.”
Jessica frowns, nods and leaves the room.

Re: Gen "Trevor Returns" 1/1 (Spoilers: Ep.112)

Great job, anon! I loved this.
Donna's sis is awesome.
Also, love Harvey's last line!

Re: Gen "Trevor Returns" 1/1 (Spoilers: Ep.112) - (Anonymous), 2012-01-21 04:20 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Locked Up Tighter Than Fort Knox - Mike/Donna, PG-13

Or How Mike Attempts to Not Get Blackmailed and Instead Gets Some

Donna’s got a file she keeps locked away in a safe at the back of her rather expansive closet. Some might say that’s a bit extreme for just a file, but if they knew what was in said file…well, they’d want her to keep it locked up as well.

It was well known around Pearson-Hardman that Donna had information on just about everyone. The whole company knew not to mess with her lest she bring them extreme embarrassment. No one knew how she got the information, just that with the right amount of words, their entire being would be ruined.

It got her through a lot of rough times, this knowledge of other people. Before people really know her, they tend to just think she’s the typical secretary they can walk all over.

The very first piece of blackmail she had picked up was on her sister’s ex-boyfriend. It had been very easy to get considering he was flaunting his attributes all around town. So when he’d threatened to out her sister, she’d slipped an envelope in his locker and smirked when his face flushed and then paled in rapid succession.

It got easier after that. She’s got info on nearly everyone at Pearson-Hardman at this point and she didn’t even really have to try.

Sometimes she doesn’t ever have to collect anything on a person. In fact, as she’s gotten older and the longer she’s worked with Harvey, the less she has to dig up. She’s finally started scaring people enough with just a look that they give her what she wants and leave Harvey alone.

But on occasion Donna gets a person who is looking to bring Harvey down or get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. She secretly loves these times because she’s gotten extremely good at finding that little bit of information a person never ever wants found out.

And sometimes it’s just a little bit easy.

Occasionally she gets the person that never gives up and she is constantly having to find something new on them or they don’t take the hint the first time and she just keeps bringing it up. Louis Litt is one of those people. He doesn’t know when to stop, ever, but that’s okay because it gives her just a small thrill to look at him and mention one word (“Jamaica.”) and he bends to her will.

Re: Locked Up Tighter Than Fort Knox - Mike/Donna, PG-13

The file in her safe is so slim that it’s hard to believe Donna has information on anyone. But Mike knows better. He knows that that file is the key to everything.

See, there’s a video out there, one of Mike Ross, that he’d really, really love to get his hands on. It’s a bit shaky, the person taping it having gotten the giggles halfway through the recording, but he’s still clearly visible in yellow duck boxers and dancing terribly to I’m Too Sexy.

“Where is it?” Mike whispers against her cheek, running a hand down her side to clench around her hip, fingers playing with the elastic of her panties. “Come on, you can tell me.” He presses his own hips into the v of her legs where he’s resting, taking in the hitch of her breath when he moves. “Donna….”

“Not. Telling,” she bites out, rolling her hips up and making his breath match hers. She inhales sharply when he simultaneously presses his hips down and nips at her earlobe. She knows exactly what he’s doing and does her damndest to not let her gaze flicker to the closet.

Which is, of course, exactly what happens. And smart, handsome, observant Mike happens to catch her. He kisses her deep and makes her groan and she desperately wants those fingers wrapped around her waist just a bit lower.

But then he’s up and off her and she bites back a moan of disappointment. He’s got the closet door open before she even realizes, but when she hears the sound hangers, she’s up and at the door in a moment.

“Mike,” she says and it’s that tone that makes even the strongest of men cower. Sure enough, Mike stops what he’s doing and turns quietly, his face showing slight embarrassment. “Even if you find the safe, you won’t be able to open it.”

This is really the most ridiculous scenario she’s ever been in, but she’s blaming Mike for the fact that they’re both standing in her closet in their underwear, both supremely aroused. She’s also blaming him for the fact that she hasn’t been able to get off yet. If he were anyone else, she’d had locked him in the closet and dealt with the situation herself.

“You have a safe,” he states. It’s not a question and he doesn’t sound like he’s in awe. And suddenly there’s a glint in his eye that immediately sends a shot of arousal through her. “What’s the code?” he asks, his tone teasing because he knows getting the code won’t be near as easy to get out of her as the location was.

“Nope,” she says as she backs away and the smile on her face grows wider as Mike steps toward her. She barely registers when he darts forward and grabs her around the waist, but she can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of her when he presses hot, wet kisses on her neck.

“What’s the code, Donna?” he asks and he’s back to pressing her into the bed, her knees coming up around his waist. But she’s still laughing and she looks so stunning that he forgets about the safe and the closet and the file and instead focuses on making Donna feel as good as possible. That is, until she starts humming I’m Too Sexy under her breath.

By the end of the night, Donna’s file has one more attachment in the form of another video, this time with pink boxers and a rather stunning rendition of We R Who We R.


This...started someplace and ended in a completely different place. Like, a different planet. I don't know.

Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13) 1/2

“No, Donna.”

“Considering everything I do for you, I don’t think I’m asking for much.”

He lifts an eyebrow. “You want a month and a half off. And you’re not dying.”

“Harvey, I have one sister. One. I need to be there for her.”

“Is she dying?”


“Then no.”

Donna purses her lips and folds her arms over her chest. “Then I’m afraid you only leave me one choice.”

She holds the CD case in her hand out to Harvey and he takes it, an amused expression on his face. She shrugs delicately, a slight smile on her face, and Harvey walks over to his laptop and pops the CD in. He presses play and it only takes about five seconds before his face reddens and he jabs at the stop button, his head bowed as his hands clench and unclench.


“Harvey, haven’t you learned by now not to underestimate me?”

He looks up at her. “Where did you get this?”

“A lady never reveals her sources.”

“You’re not a lady, Donna. You’re a shark.”

She smiles and winks at him. “Sweet talker.”


She walks slowly up to Harvey’s desk and tilts her head. “Can you imagine trying to explain that to Mike? I mean, the relationship is still so new. You’ve been dating, what? Three weeks now?”

His eyes widen.

“Oh, you didn’t think I knew about that, did you?”

He looks away from her and toward the Manhattan skyline, working his jaw.

She smiles. “Let’s start over. Harvey, I need six weeks off.”

Harvey crosses his arms and opens his mouth to respond when there’s a knock on Harvey’s office doorframe.

“Mike...we’re kind of in the middle of something.”

“Sorry.” He stands awkwardly in the doorway and holds up a manila envelope. “But this is for Donna. It says it’s urgent.”

Harvey motions him forward and Mike walks up to Donna, holding out the envelope for her to take. She takes it and stamped in the middle, in bright red ink, is Urgent. Open immediately.

She opens up the envelope and slips the single piece of paper out from inside and immediately clasps it to her chest, her eyes wide as she meets Mike’s. “Where did you get this?”

But Mike’s face stays blank, his eyes willfully innocent. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her eyes narrow and she steps toward him. Mike takes slow, careful steps backward, but keeps his eyes fixed to Donna’s face.

Smart, puppy.

She leans forward. “I have no idea how you found about this, but-”

Edited at 2012-01-23 01:06 am (UTC)

Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13) 2/2

Mike’s expression is completely bewildered, and he says, “Donna, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She leans back and gives him a thorough once over, her eyes trailing all over his face, searching for even the slightest hint of deception. Mike stands there, shifting nervously, staring at Donna with wide eyes, and Donna can practically hear the inner monologue – But Donna, I swear it wasn’t me! You believe me, right? Right? Right?

Eventually she leans back and nods, and watches as Mike relaxes visibly.

He winces sympathetically. “Bad news?”

“Not as such. Simply...a reminder.”

He nods and scratches the back of his neck.

“It’s okay. I mean, I hear that’s happened to a lot of people. Of course, most people don't have it captured on film.”

She turns to him and he looks at her innocently, his hands stuffed in his suit pant pockets.

Her eyes widen. “How-”

He smiles. “A gentleman never reveals his sources.”

Donna steals a look at Harvey and glares at him when he gives her a wide grin then looks away, grinning toward the windows.

Mike says, “Tell you what we’re going to do. You’re going to hand over all the copies of the DVD, I’ll hand over all the copies of the picture, and we’ll call it even.”


Donna walks out of Harvey’s office and over to her desk, and reaches inside the middle drawer for a jump drive, stuffing the manila envelope in the drawer before she shuts it with a forceful push.

She walks back into Harvey’s office and hands Mike the jump drive, and Mike hands it over with a grin. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

She curls her hand around the jump drive, laughs softly, and gives Mike a small, begrudging smile before she turns to leave. “Well played, puppy. Well played.”

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