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Rules for Kink Meme:

(Modeled After Inception Kink Meme

1. Please be respectful of your fellows - there will be no bashing of kinks (YKINMK; MKINYK). If something in a prompt offends you, feel free to PM me or comment on the Mod Post.

2. Even though this is called a KINK meme, all prompts will be accepted. Posts can be gen, fluff, or straight-up porntastic.

3. Please only post one prompt per comment. Also be wary of prompt hijacking.

4. Prompts can be reposted in later rounds, but not in the round directly following the prompt's original round. Prompts from Round One should be reposted in Round Three; prompts from Round Two should be reposted in Round Four.

5. State any and all pairings clearly in the title of the comment, to make it easier for archiving.

6. Multiple fills are welcome on all prompts.

*7. Fills should be nested (If it has multiple parts, reply to part 1 to add new update)

8. Bashing of characters will not be tolerated.

9. RPF is allowed, though please declare it in the comment title. (RPF: Gabriel/Patrick etc.)

10. Crossovers are permitted, though please declare it in the comment title. (Crossover: Suits/Firefly etc.)

11. Warn for possible comment spoilers in the title. (Spoilers: Ep. 102 etc.)

12. WARN FOR ALL POSSIBLE TRIGGERS.(copied from the Inception Kink Meme)
  • abduction / kidnapping
  • abuse (child, domestic, animal)
  • addiction
  • asphyxiation
  • bestiality
  • cannibalism
  • death
  • dub-con
  • eating disorder
  • graphic or extreme violence / gore
  • homophobia
  • incest
  • intoxication
  • necrophilia
  • non-con / rape
  • racism
  • self-injury / self-harm
  • slavery
  • suicide
  • torture
  • underage
  • Real World Situational Trauma: [actual events, including, but not limited to: genocide, crimes against humanity, hate crimes, natural disasters and disaster relief situations (earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, drought, other weather disasters)

That's it for now; let me know in the Mod Post if you think I've missed anything or if something needs to be clarified. Now go forth, have fun, and be excellent to each other. <3

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