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Jessica in red
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holiday prompt post


IMPORTANT: This round is different and will thus have a few more rules applied to it. 

1. Prompt must have to do with a holiday. Any prompt that is not holiday related will be deleted. (Birthdays do not count as Holidays in this case. If you want a Birthday prompt that wasn't posted in Round 4, you can post it in Round 5 located here.)

2. Don't forget to warn for any triggers (these can be found in the Rules post), better to warn when in doubt. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your prompt, don't hesitate to use the mod post.

3. Indicate any pairing/character, kink (if any) and warnings in the header of the comment. If you can't fit them all in the header, then the first line of the comment should include all that information.

Holiday Round will close for 48 hours when it reaches 2500 comments and will close permanently when it reaches 5000 comments. During the closed time, people are still allowed to post FILLS, but any PROMPTS posted will be deleted. If all goes will we will have another Holiday Round.

Refer to the Rules  and Guidelines for Posting before posting a prompt/fill.
Direct any of your concerns to the Mod Post.
Both Filled and Unfilled Prompts are archived at our Delicious account.
You can also read comments in flat view, if that makes browsing easier.
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Harvey/Mike December

So the holidays are approaching and Harvey is expecting Mike to be one of those people who are ridiculously and obnoxiously cheerful about any and all things Christmas, so when Mike starts acting withdrawn and a little depressed, it throws up some red flags. Turns out, Mike's parents died right around Christmas, so the holiday has pretty much been ruined for him from then on out. Cue Harvey, despite his own disdain of the holiday, going out of his way to make sure Mike's Christmas doesn't suck.

Harvey/Mike, Holiday blues

Mike used to go all out for Christmas; making ginger bread houses and holiday cookies, decorating his appartment until it looking like elves threw up in there, drinking eggnog, cooking Christmas dinner while singing to holiday music. He used to do all this stuff with his 'family.' But not this year, because this year Trevor's gone, Grammy is too sick for visitors (I haven't watched much of this series but if she passed away then go with that), Jenny went home to see her family and work has been so crazy that he hasn't even had time to do anything. So Mike has a horrible holiday completely alone. When he gets back to work he is depressed, somehow Harvey finds out about Mike's miserable Christmas and invites him over for a surprise second Christmas (because Harvey cares).

Harvey + Mike, Warnings: Non-Major Character Deaths, Mike hates July 4th

Out-of-season!prompt is out-of-season. Sorry, I can't control when the bunnies breed.

On Wednesday, July 2, 1997, Men In Black premiered in theaters. Mike wanted to go with Trevor. His parents said no. Mike snuck out and went anyway. That weekend, his parents grounded him from going with them to the big Fourth of July block party. Mike said he hated them, that they were ruining his life, and that he couldn't wait until he didn't have to live with them any more.

On Friday, July, 4, 1997, Mike got what he wanted.

Fourteen years later, Harvey casually reminds Mike that his presence is expected at the company's barbecue. Mike tells him to go fuck himself.

Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C]

Posting this in 2 pieces because it simply was too long for one comment. Please read both halves.

Ok so.. Know that it has taken me awhile to track down and lure back the plot bunnies that inspired this originally - good thing I went all hyper attention to detail and accumulated some pretty decent brainstorming notes! It is indeed a New Years prompt. Sorry it wasn't posted sooner. *w* Also - this is not a Marvey fic. See footer notes.

Harvey Specter grew up poor as a child. He had a particularly rough life for someone so young. We're talking plain rice for dinner on the nights when his parents would remember/care to feed them. Ramen noodles were a luxury. Harvey never seemed to do anything right. Constant yelling, arguing and fighting are things a child shouldn't experience. He was beat on a regular basis.

Harvey Specter has a younger brother that's 10 yrs under him. He is the second child and the baby, therefore not getting it as bad as Harvey.. But he definitely got his too. Being the eldest, Harvey had to practically raise his (unnamed) little brother.

The Specters.. Well, I am sure you can figure out what kind of people they were. Harvey was an accident, and lil bro was a 'hey we can get the gov't to give us more $ for another kid' occurrence. Such wonderful people.

The only thing that Harvey really ever could say he looked fwd to were the beautiful fireworks that would light up his sky every New Years, 4th of July, and from sporting games. They were his only constant, his only escape.

So when it happened one day, the terrible close call, when Harvey was just 15 and his lil bro 5, it definitely scarred him for good. Bath time. That was Harvey's job. He was also *attempting to scrape something together for dinner. He left for a millisecond, which was drawn out by his parents raging at him, and when he returned... There he was.. Blue lipped and unresponsive. His little brother had drowned in a mere 3" of water. Yelling. Tears. More Screaming. Harvey had managed to resuscitate his brother thanks to the emergency people on the phone. Without the help of his parents. He got it the worst of all for that one. How dare he almost get their meal ticket killed?! This has seriously messed up his psyche.

Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2


Mikey too grew up poor, but that's where all the similarities end. Growing up, the Ross' made it day by day, having enough to not starve. They were the other face of poverty.. If you will. Mikey was an only child. His parents worked hard to provide for the 3 of them.

How it happened.. How Mikey's parents died- er were killed.. Was a total and unbelievable accident. He really didn't mean it.. He swears! Mikey just wanted to be like the other kids, to be able to have stories of greatness to share from his New Years at school the next day. The Ross' never had spare money to buy anything like what the others had for their children. There wouldn't be any stories from him. As usual.

That is until just before break, a classmate gave him something that he'd treasure. He'd keep them secret until the very minute he needed them. Sparklers. They were pretty. He didn't mean to accidentally set the house on fire. He didn't mean to burn his parents to death as they slept upstairs. From that moment on, Mikey has hated all things fireworks.. No matter the size. Including the holidays that included them.

At the age of 12, Mikey officially became an orphan, and with no aunts/uncles to take him.. He was foster home bound. Until his only living Grandmother decided, even at the age of ~60, that she would take on the task of raising him. He continued to grow up poor. Retirement / SSI wasn't intended to raise a family on.

*Fast forward to the current time*

Pearson Hardman. When you hear that name, you don't think small. You don't think mediocre. You think huge.. Because that's what they are. Anyone will swear to that.

It's New Years 2012! What else would you expect when PH is involved? The firm manages to acquire an absolutely huge, stunningly beautiful yacht (or something bigger.. But not a cruise ship.. Works too!) for a few hundred of their best friends/employees/family to enjoy/party the new year in the right way. And yes... Attendance is mandatory!

After a few hours, all the party goers are called to the main deck for a speech/presentation or two.. And yes the includes you Michael! The fireworks are going to start soon and they are not to be missed. If that wasn't already bad enough.. Amongst the crowd, there are sparklers being handed out/passed around. Yes sparklers.

By the time they reach Mikey, there must be about 5 mins til the count down, and the moment somebody hands him one, a hugely massive anxiety attack takes over his mind and body. Damn eidetic memory. He ends up falling overboard. It's a long way down.

Harvey manages to catch sight of Mikey just as he is falling. Everyone onboard is freaking, but none are really helping. Mikey seems to be drowning. He's only been in there a short while. Sound familiar?

HBIC of all things ever, Donna, jumps overboard in her fancy expensive clothes, and rescues Mikey from certain death. Problem is..... He's all blue lipped and unresponsive. Harvey gets thrown for a massive loop with his own anxiety attack and flashback memories. Difference? Standard CPR isn't working. He needs real medical attention for sure! Cue a rescue chopper and EMTs. Harvey and Mikey are whisked away. Slow recovery. Realistic please.

**WANT: Hospital time, all of PH to be present at the party, heavy hurt/comfort, GEN with bromance/brothers/best friends undertones. It is more than welcome if you include lots of rib crushing hugs, tears, teasing of caring, and an embarrassingly adorable kiss atop Mikey's head once consciousness is regained. Please include that! Also.. Please make this a decent length.

**DO NOT WANT: Sex. Established relationship. Dating. Drug use.

I couldn't begin to tell you when my brain started prompting GEN! I think something might be loose in there. *shakes head* I love me some Marvey.. Just not here.

Thank you for your time, and I really do apologize for this being so insanely long! I can't help it.

Edited at 2012-01-01 08:57 am (UTC)

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

Holy shit this prompt is incredible. I was tearing up and on the edge of my seat just reading it. Really hope somebody writes this.

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

Thank you so much! It took a lot to come up with this and once I had it I couldn't let it go! I hope so too! If needed I can post in r5.

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

Wow, this is such an amazing prompt, bb. It's heartbreaking just to read the general idea of it. ;_;

I would write it for you myself, but it's so great, I KNOW I'd mess it up. I really hope someone writes it. I'd love to read it. ♥

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

Thank you! <3
I don't think you'd mess it up.. You're a great writer. I am planning on posting in r5 too. Hopefully someone will fill it. <3

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

How sad with Mike. Does he HAVE to have caused his parents death? I would love to take a crack at this but this is really too much for me to do. Can there be another reason it causes a panic attack? I have a lot of experience with panic attacks and also with PTSD. I was with my father when he died and it is something that really scars you. I still deal with guilt and I didn't cause it. The anniversary of his death is really hell for me. The thought of Mike in the position of burning his parents to death, it makes me very weepy and shaky inside.

Re: Harvey & Mike: Fireworks [potential TW] [Gen] [H/C] part 2

Oh my dear OP...You sure this is a prompt? It's incredible.
And it somehow looks a story itself to me.
And I was like, "what? Really? You sure?" when I fin reading the second half.
And I want it bad.


Harvey/Mike - New Love for the New Year

Harvey and Mike watching the New Years festivities and then making love for the first time as it hits midnight. Mike is a virgin and gets loud and carried away in the heat of his first orgasm. He is sure that Harvey is the ultimate greatest lover in the world. Harvey doesn't mind the new nickname at all. ;)

Marvey fluff and hot sex. I'm horny and well at least this one is nice and sweet.

Gen, hilarious Christmas gifts

Mike gaped at Harvey. "You got me a coloring book?"

"You're welcome," Harvey said.

The book was full of cavorting puppies. Mike tried not to let his disbelief show.

Harvey started to smirk. "If you're really good, next year I'll get you some crayons."

Mike, in revenge, decides to get Harvey something equally ridiculous. I want a vicious cycle of people giving silly gifts. Any characters welcome.

Lovely story. I thought the scenes with Grammy were very realistic. When I was corporate management decades ago we listened for complaints about the food. If people were complaining about the cafeteria food it meant there wasn't anything worse to complain about.

Harvey/Mike - Valentine's Day

Mike turns into a teddy bear on Valentine's Day. Harvey must deal with the consequences. Inspired by: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKfC77XAp8

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