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Harvey/Mike, Coma AU

So Mike works three jobs these days - sometimes four, when he can swing sitting for the law school entrance exam for someone - and he has to, just to keep Grammy in her retirement facility, and so he can keep his head above water. He's getting by, but just barely. Two of his jobs are sorta pain in the butt customer service-y jobs, where he basically spends all day meeting as many demands as possible (no matter how ridiculous), so even though his third job isn't really anything to write home about - he's a janitor at the hospital during the middle of the night - he loves the quiet and the alone time, and the methodical nature of it helps him clear his head.

The nurses all love him, think he's adorable, and he cleans everything up without making much of a fuss or getting in the way, so the doctors and admins love him too. (And they think it's kinda cute that he sings while he works, too.)

Now Mike has a favorite floor, where all the long term patients are. He's gotten to know them all, little by little, and they love seeing him come on shift. He loves them too. He plays with the kids a little and sweet talks the old folks, and generally is just a sweetheart to them. But Mike has to admit he has a favorite patient: Harvey Specter, in room 2453. He's gorgeous and he never minds when Mike comes into his room to clean and sing, but then, that's probably because Harvey's been in a coma for 8 months.

Sometimes Mike talks to Harvey, tells him about his day, talks about Grammy and his troubles with Trevor and Jenny and how maybe he's starting to see that Trevor doesn't always have Mike's best interests at heart. And Mike likes to imagine what Harvey might say to him in response, likes to imagine that they'd be friends.

But Mike almost always sings to Harvey too, sings this song his mom used to sing to him before she died when he wasn't feeling well. And it always made him feel better, so he figures it can't hurt to sing it to Harvey too, right?

And then one night Mike comes into work and there's this big commotion. Harvey's woken up. He doesn't remember much - he can tell the doctors his name and his job and where he works, but he's fuzzy on people's names and faces, including his brother, Donna, and Jessica, who are all nearby - but as soon as he hears Mike's voice, he zeroes in on it and says, "That voice. I remember that voice. Who are you to me?"

"I'm just the janitor."

Harvey seems a little disappointed, and he says, "And a song. I remember a song. (Insert song here.)"

It's the song Mike sang to him every night.

(Apparently I'm almost incapable of posting short prompts. I really don't know what that's all about.)

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Re: Harvey/Mike, Coma AU

oh my god this sounds so angsty and sweet and it just has to happen

Re: Harvey/Mike, Coma AU

Holy god I need this! This sounds so fucking cute and has so much potential for fluff and angst it's great!!

Re: Harvey/Mike, Coma AU

This is so cute. I hope it gets filled!


Here's a fill for you, my dear OP. It's not exactly the prompt; I changed some things for various reasons, but hopefully you'll be happy anyway. Also, it's a WIP...

*crosses fingers hoping you'll enjoy*


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