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Saucy Donna
suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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round five prompt post - CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS

Round Six will open on Thursday, June 14th.

The Holiday Round has been posted here. Please use that any holiday prompts.

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Mike&Kyle (or other)- FIGHT! ft Harvey (TW- fighting)

Prompt from Bad Format's song 'Like a bitch'

'...Ive had enough
You better slow it down
This time you'll kiss the ground

Work it out
I can wear you out
and i'm so hard to beat
I can do it
Shut your mouth
and hear me out

I'll smack you like a bitch
so turn around
I aint no stupid kid
Ive been around
I'll smack you like a bitch
I'll beat you down
So we can go
If you wanna...'

I want Kyle or Greg or someone (preferably another associate, no one who can get Mike fired) pushing him around too much (break room , toilet) and Mike's fed up and snaps and is all 'I'll smack you like a bitch, so turn around, I aint no stupid kid, I've been around...'and Kyle/other laughs because he thinks he can't fight his way out a paper bag and then Mike's coming at him like Scrappy-doo and 'puppy power'!.

Maybe someone walks in on them and runs off to find Harvey or louis or they walk in on them. I'd love Harvey finding them - scrapping on the floor, all elbows, and legs and totally wresting their way into the carpet - and breaking them apart. Neither of them have the upperhand but Kyle/other has totally underestimated Mike. Both of them can have woobies, but only Mike gets TLC from Harvey (and the *sigh* neccessary telling off, but we all know Harvey's secretly proud). Consequences of fight can be up to Harvey and Louis (or author ;D). Gen or pre-slash preference, but anything is fine.

In summary - Mike's anger gets the better of him and he gets into puppy scrap with a fellow associate. Cue TLC from Harvey!

Re: Mike&Kyle (or other)- FIGHT! ft Harvey (TW- fighting)

I really love this prompt :D I'm typing away as we speak - it may be tweaked ever so slightly but not by much (I'm basically not having them fighting alone and having someone walk in, it's gonna be a kind of, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" scene from a school XD)

So, yeah - hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I finish :)

Re: Mike&Kyle (or other)- FIGHT! ft Harvey (TW- fighting)

Done!! Tadaa :D
Here it is at fanfic.net :) Hope you like it!


Re: Mike&Kyle (or other)- FIGHT! ft Harvey (TW- fighting)

Thank you so much! Loved it estatically!!! Left a review over at ff.net :D