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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Posting/Warning Guidelines
There has been questions and discussion as of late about what to warn for and how posting should be done. I will be posting an important announcement in the next round as a reminder. 

Posting Guidelines for Prompts:
Headers: Pairing [ X/Y or MxH- romantic relationship; X + Y or X, Y - focus on these two characters, can denote friendship], kink (here you say what kink or general idea of your prompt), warnings (these are from the 'must warn for list' that is in the Rules and whatever else you want to warn for).
  - e.g.  Harvey/Mike, first time, (Warning for past non-con).
  - e.g  Harvey + Mike, Trevor/Mike, established relationship, kids.

Basic format: Pairing(s) or Character(s), kink/general idea of prompt, warnings

Posting Guidelines for Fills:
Reply to the prompt with the first part. Make sure that you nest your fill, if you have multiple parts. This is explained in the rules.

Header: FILL, Title, warnings (these include the ones in the 'must warn for' list)
Optional in the header: kink from prompt.

As writers, you can warn up to your discretion. If you want to state that the fill has bottom!Harvey, it's up to you. You can list any warnings or kinks in the first part of your fill or as they develop (either in header or in the text). 

Any questions or comments, please pm me or use the mod post.

I was thinking the exact same thing, since I realized some people have left the subject title blank and I clearly can't play psychic as to what pairing or whether its gen or slash. Maybe for the prompts that do not follow the guidelines can be placed in a separate folder in delicious until the OP states the pairing and gen/slash? That way I can always just into that folder and correctly tag the prompts V___V;

That works for me :)