March 20th, 2014

Marker loving.

there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead

I've spent most of the night going through all of the posts on this community and the main journal, cleaning out old posts, spam comments, and editing posts so that they are up to date. I know right now this community is pretty, but I hope there are still some people around. If not, well at least I'll feel better about finally getting rid of all those spam comments.

Speaking of spam: there's no real way of getting rid of it completely, but I'm hoping to stay on top of it this time. I think I got all or most of it tonight, but if you see any, just let me know in the Mod Post. There is a very distinct possibility that a few legitimate comments were accidentally deleted in the process, so if you've found that has happened, I apologize immensely and feel free to repost it.

Both posts for Round Six are still open and active. The only difference now is that Spoilers for Season Three are in the Round Six Spoiler Post. There are no spoilers allowed in the Round Six Spoiler Free Post.

I'm hoping to post some community pimping posts within the next few days (the joys of being unemployed) in an effort to revive this community. If you have any ideas for future endeavors, feel free to leave them here.

Thank you guys for making this such a great place so far and even if it never gets back to it's previous glory, it's been a hell of a ride.