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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Fill Post

Post LINKS to all of your filled prompts here. Include the prompt's description in your comment. This will make it so much easier to catalog all of the filled prompts that are coming in. Be sure to check the Delicious account to make sure I've marked the prompt you've filled as, well, filled. Give me about 24 hours to update the archives. If it's past that or you think I've missed your fill, hit me up in the Mod Post or PM me to get my attention.

Example of proper formatting:
Prompt: "Mike drunk dials Harvey and proceeds to describe the many, many fantasies he's been having about Harvey."
Fill Link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=32854#t32854

ALSO: Copy the header from the prompt that you're filling, so any pairings and triggers are well known. This will also make browsing and archiving easier. Thank you!

Thank you, darlings! You're all doing spectacular jobs on prompting and filling and encouraging each other - I'm proud of each and every one of you. <3

Previous Fill Post is located HERE.

"Sidekick": Mike/Tony Stark

Prompt: Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime. Tony Stark was.

Fill links: "Sidekick"

pts. 1 - 16: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2340215#t2340215
pts. 17 - 31: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2421111#t2421111
pts. 32 - End: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2460535#t2460535

Full fic at AO3:

The AO3 version will also have some codas attached eventually that won't be posted at the thread fill. (One is posted there now.)