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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Fill Post

Post LINKS to all of your filled prompts here. Include the prompt's description in your comment. This will make it so much easier to catalog all of the filled prompts that are coming in. Be sure to check the Delicious account to make sure I've marked the prompt you've filled as, well, filled. Give me about 24 hours to update the archives. If it's past that or you think I've missed your fill, hit me up in the Mod Post or PM me to get my attention.

Example of proper formatting:
Prompt: "Mike drunk dials Harvey and proceeds to describe the many, many fantasies he's been having about Harvey."
Fill Link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=32854#t32854

ALSO: Copy the header from the prompt that you're filling, so any pairings and triggers are well known. This will also make browsing and archiving easier. Thank you!

Thank you, darlings! You're all doing spectacular jobs on prompting and filling and encouraging each other - I'm proud of each and every one of you. <3

Previous Fill Post is located HERE.

Harvey/Mike, Amnesia

Prompt: What I want is for either Harvey or Mike to have amnesia. The rest is in your lovely hands, anons.
Full prompt can be found here: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?page=4#comments

WIP!Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2022007#t2022007

Harvey, Mike -- Family [trigger warning (I guess?)] + child abuse, depression

Prompt: 'Kay, so I've kinda got this headcanon that Harvey had a messed up family -- unstable in a few ways, psychologically, emotionally, perhaps financially. So:
Dad: emotionally/psychologically distant/abusive;
Mum: emotionally unstable (perhaps some sort of psychotic mental disorder);
Sister: generally stable, but somewhat harsh in truthtelling;
Brother: sadistic little bastard -- sociopath/psychopath (anyone know the difference between the two?)
I've also got the idea that Harvey is the youngest by at least five years and the sister is the mentor/protector of sorts.
So yeah, something along those lines.
Presented as presenttime or in flashbacks is fine.
However abusive/messed up the family is explicitly shown to be is up to you guys, and in what way.

(Also, if you like, any pairing -- het, slash, side femslash, whatevs. Include any of the other guys att PH, too, if you want.)
Have fun, you guys! :D

Fill: It Went Like This...

(Deleted comment)

Re: Harvey/mike family

Hi there....

If this is designed to be a prompt.. then it belongs here in round five.

If this is designed to be a fill of completion.. then you forgot to add the link to the actual filled entry.


Harvey/Mike When You're Mad

Prompt: When one of them gets 'all fired up', the other can't help but molest them find them irresistible.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2495607#t2495607

Harvey/Mike Good Guys Finish First Sometimes

Prompt:Something happens to Mike. (He's arrested for some crime he didn't commit...he gets badly injured...something like that.)

Harvey is surprised when he goes into work and discovers all the past clients Mike has helped waiting in the conference room for him, both to find out how Mike is doing, and offer their help, however little of it they're able to provide. Harvey looks around the room and sees Dominic and Lola, Tom and Vanessa, and is, frankly, a bit blown away.

And maybe Harvey learns while they all band together to help his boyfriend that okay...even in their line of work...good guys finish first sometimes.


Harvey/Mike, Rimming Harvey

Prompt: What it says on the tin: Mike rimming Harvey into incoherency. Because of reasons.

Fill Link: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2507127#t2507127


Prompt: Harvey Specter waits for no one except Mike.


Harvey/Mike, Fixing your tie

Prompt: I just really want to see Harvey fixing Mike's tie. Preferably in a sort of

Harvey: *eyeroll* Oh for heaven's sake...
Mike: What?
Harvey: *pointed stare*
Mike: What?
Harvey: *grab tie, yank*
Mike: *eep!*
Harvey: *fuss fuss fuss*

...kind of way.

Fill: Art Fill

Mike&Kyle - FIGHT! ft Harvey (TW- fighting)

Link: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=1588599#t1588599
I want Kyle or Greg or someone (preferably another associate, no one who can get Mike fired) pushing him around too much (break room , toilet) and Mike's fed up and snaps and is all 'I'll smack you like a bitch, so turn around, I aint no stupid kid, I've been around...'and Kyle/other laughs because he thinks he can't fight his way out a paper bag and then Mike's coming at him like Scrappy-doo and 'puppy power'!.

Maybe someone walks in on them and runs off to find Harvey or louis or they walk in on them. I'd love Harvey finding them - scrapping on the floor, all elbows, and legs and totally wresting their way into the carpet - and breaking them apart. Neither of them have the upperhand but Kyle/other has totally underestimated Mike. Both of them can have woobies, but only Mike gets TLC from Harvey (and the *sigh* neccessary telling off, but we all know Harvey's secretly proud). Consequences of fight can be up to Harvey and Louis (or author ;D). Gen or pre-slash preference, but anything is fine.

In summary - Mike's anger gets the better of him and he gets into puppy scrap with a fellow associate. Cue TLC from Harvey!

Fill: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7860862/1/

"Sidekick": Mike/Tony Stark

Prompt: Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime. Tony Stark was.

Fill links: "Sidekick"

pts. 1 - 16: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2340215#t2340215
pts. 17 - 31: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2421111#t2421111
pts. 32 - End: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2460535#t2460535

Full fic at AO3:

The AO3 version will also have some codas attached eventually that won't be posted at the thread fill. (One is posted there now.)



Prompt: I am not really in love with all the fics that have Mike almost dying and suddenly Harvey realizes that as he's about to lose him, he loves him. I don't know why, but I guess I don't like the concept of someone realizing they love another person only when they almost lose them.

So what I basically want is an established relationship fic where one, Harvey or Mike, I don't particularly care, get injured and their condition is life threatening. The other should be by their side during the whole waiting process, having flashbacks of all the great times in their relationship (sex can be included because, yes, that is a great time, but it is not necessary).

Basically, this whole prompt is a shameless excuse for pure fluff!

Fill: Hearts Will Hold, PG-13 Harvey/Mike

Harvey/Mike - Mutual whump/Mutual comfort

Prompt:Just struck with an image someone could hopefully run with.

Harvey is sootfaced, rumpled, blood on him. He looks horror stricken ahead as he holds Mike close. He is forcing a quivering (crying?) scared Mike to him, using one hand to cover Mikes eyes so he can't see what's in front of them. Blood is trickling through Harvey's hand indicating they are both injured. Mike is also rumpled. He is holding Harvey tightly.

Don't care if it is gen, pre-slash, established. All is good and open to the author.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2593911#t2593911

Mike/Harvey mpreg

Prompt: Mike is pregnant and gives birth in a car. Scared!Mike and protective!Harvey.
Fill Link: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1206220#t1206220

Harvey/Mike, Harvey plays the guitar

PROMPT: I have visual aid for this one too: http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm319/flamyshine/?action=view¤t=guitar.png (Source: lyraelia on tumblr)

Apparently, that screen cap is from the film "Because I said so". Doesn't he look dashing despite his wardrobe choice? :D So I'd love to see a story where Mike finds Harvey's old guitar and asks him to play a song for him. Harvey refuses at first, telling Mike that he hasn't played it for a long time. But Mike insists that he would really love to see Harvey play the guitar so Harvey naturally caves in :)

If the author wants pre-slash, it could be a romantic way for Harvey to convey his feelings for Mike through music. If the author prefers established relationship, Harvey could simply resweep Mike off his feet. Because let's face it... Harvey with his legs crossed and his sinful fingers playing a guitar and his low, seductive voice serenading, and his eyes! Totally focused on Mike and ah, there's no way that Mike would not melt into whatever Harvey wants him to melt into.

The rating is up to the kind author as well :D (Harvey can be wearing a suit or he can be wearing nothing but a smile ;))

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2592375#t2592375

Harvey/Mike, slash or gen, Crying Comfort

PROMPT: One of them is crying and the other comforts them.

Totally not inspired by the fact I'm crying right now and have no one to comfort me and healing through fic is the best I've got at the moment.

Just, please anyone?

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=2632567#t2632567