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Fill Post

Post LINKS to all of your filled prompts here. Include the prompt's description in your comment. This will make it so much easier to catalog all of the filled prompts that are coming in. Be sure to check the Delicious account to make sure I've marked the prompt you've filled as, well, filled. Give me about 24 hours to update the archives. If it's past that or you think I've missed your fill, hit me up in the Mod Post or PM me to get my attention.

Example of proper formatting:
Prompt: "Mike drunk dials Harvey and proceeds to describe the many, many fantasies he's been having about Harvey."
Fill Link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=32854#t32854

ALSO: Copy the header from the prompt that you're filling, so any pairings and triggers are well known. This will also make browsing and archiving easier. Thank you!

Thank you, darlings! You're all doing spectacular jobs on prompting and filling and encouraging each other - I'm proud of each and every one of you. <3

Previous Fill Post is located HERE.

Repost from round II:Time is Mike's real name

Harvey may joke about being Batman but Mike really was a Robin. He swore he didn't need another Batman in his life a long time ago, but having a Harvey isn't so bad.

Bonus points for Dick showing up all wtf man. And for Donna being the one to figure it out.

Guys PLEASE!!! Please please please please PLEASE!!!


Harvey/Mike-Witch Donna

Prompt:Donna is secretly a witch who is tired of the boys sexual tension. She decides to do something about it so she casts a spell to make them fall in love.

When the boys find out, they have to figure out if their new relationship is real or based off a spell.

Happy ending, please!


Harvey/Mike, animal sanctuary AU

Prompt: Harvey gets handed a new pro-bono case by Jessica - helping the owner of an animal sanctuary who's being threatened with a lawsuit.

Fill: http://miss-misbehaved.livejournal.com/856.html

Harvey & Mike: Unexpected Holiday Dinner.

PROMPT:I didn't write Harvey/Mike because if it does happen, it'll be very tiny and at the end.

Harvey doesn't really do "holidays". Mike on the other hand is a total sap for them.

Grammy Ross is the only person that Mike has family wise - and as for friends? Yea... No. So when Mikey goes to everyone in the firm and invites them to dinner, he doesn't expect EVERYONE to flat out turn him down. It hurt. He was gonna try and make something happen but since no one is coming, why bother.

Somehow the nursing facility that Grammy Ross is in gives him the OK to take her to his place for a family dinner. But at the very last minute.. They tell him that she's not capable of travel. He doesn't let that further deter him.

Mikey gets his gift for his Grammy and heads over to the home to have dinner with her - because she doesn't have long and that's obvious. Just the two of them quietly spending the holiday together.

Until Harvey shows up - with a gift for Mikey's Grammy - all the while claiming not to care - to have dinner with them. Not a big deal.. Right?

Dinner goes peacefully and at the end of the night Harvey offers to have Ray drive Mikey back to his place after dropping him off. Harvey gets out of the car and Mikey does too. Looking completely confused at this, Harvey does not expect the bone crushing hug that Mikey gives him. He makes it last too.. Holding on to Harvey while mumbling his thanks in the crook of his neck. Is he crying? Harvey notices and hugs him back. This dinner met so fucking much to Mikey. More than Harvey will ever understand.

Basically.. A holiday dinner story filled with angsty fluff and a teeny Marvey moment at the very end. More bromantic / friendship than romance. But if Mikey does end up with a kiss on the forehead... That's perfectly ok with me. Please do.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/4191.html?thread=1566815#t1566815

Harvey/Mike (TW for dubcon) I count your eyelashes secretly

prompt: Mike has never gotten something for nothing, so when Harvey asks him out, wants to sleep with him, well. It's not a lot to ask in exchange for what Harvey's given him, and he likes Harvey, thinks he's funny, and sharp, and witty and handsome, so it isn't really a hardship. He does everything Harvey asks, tries new things in bed, goes to dinner wherever Harvey wants to go, smiles and laughs and moans when he should, until Harvey goes too far in bed and Mike starts to cry, telling him he's sorry and he could be better, just give him a chance.

Harvey is shocked. He thought they were dating. Maybe even falling in love. He backs off, horrified and disgusted with himself, and they both have to fix things.

Inspired in part by hoosierbitch's fabulous White Collar fanfic, there's a reason not to want this (but i forgot), rated NC-17, tw: for dubcon and mentions of noncon later on, part 1 of which can be found here: http://hoosierbitch.livejournal.com/13985.html

FILL: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/3959.html?thread=1703031#t1703031

Prompt: I guess warning for injuries because.. hurt!Mike is just, yeah.

So in any situation really, just a really hurt Mike, like hospitalized!Mike, Harvey having to balance staying by his side and revenging upon whoever hurt Mike (maybe someone at PH? Not Trevor) along with Donna. Bonus points for Jessica!

Fill:Hints of a Future Untold

Mike's Parents' Deaths (Warning for really terrible deaths?)

PROMPT: I don't know why, but I'm completely obsessed with Mike's parents deaths and the various ways it could have happened. There's just so many options but it seems like all I ever see is car crash. (There is one really awesome start to a fill in round 3 where his parents were murdered, but sadly it seems to be abandoned and I need more.)

SO! Here are some other (terrible, terrible) ways in which Mike's parents could have died at roughly the same time when he was only a child:

PLANE crash! Big one. Mike is the only survivor. Every now and then on the anniversary of the crash reporters come around trying to get an interview from him.

Murder/Suicide. Mike's father shot his mother and then himself (or vice versa) and left poor tiny!Mike to find the bodies when the gunshots woke him up in the night.

Disease/Suicide. One parent lost a long and difficult battle with cancer or Huntington's or something else of the authors choosing and the surviving parent couldn't handle the grief and took their own life.

Natural Disaster. I have no idea which disasters might have happened when Mike was a kid, but I'm pretty confident there must have been some.


...pretty much I just want something where Mike's parents died in an incredibly horrific, tragic way, and it's not something that he talks about because how do you even tell someone about that so only Trevor and maybe Jenny know and of course his Gram, but then someone at the office finds out (I prefer Harvey, but I'll take whoever) and then Mike has to deal with their reactions and his reactions and all that fun stuff. Pairing are fine, especially Harvey/Mike, or Gen works too.

GEN FILL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7601587/1/And_He_Remains

(Deleted comment)

Re: Harvey/OC, Implied Harvey/Donna/Mike

Can you please give me the prompt link.

Jessica & Harvey; gen; (cancer/illness trigger?)

Prompt: Jessica gets diagnosed with breast cancer and breaks the news to Harvey in her office.

They catch it early enough so it's not life-threatening, but it's Jessica,, and Harvey finds himself reeling. He has to find a balance between wanting to know anything and everything there is to know about Jessica's prognosis and her health, and respecting her strength and her ability to take care of herself

Fill link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/3323.html?thread=4816891#t4816891

Gen, Harvey's downtime

Prompt: So in an interview recently, Gabriel mentioned he'd like to see the writers explore what Harvey does when he isn't at work, and he'd like to see him involved in a charity, a charity that has something to do with kids.

So why don't we give Gabriel what he wants?

Harvey starts leaving work early some days, and even though Mike asks Donna, she remains mum on the subject. Won't budge on where he goes every day, no matter how much he begs. So Mike decides to find out for himself, and tails Harvey one afternoon. When Harvey's car finally stops, it's at a park with t-ball fields, a group of kids waiting near each backstop. He steps out of the car and pulls some bags out of the trunk, and just when Mike expects him to stop in front of the group of boys close to them, Harvey surprises him by passing them by and walking right up to the group of girls waiting on the far field.

He's even more surprised when they call Harvey Coach.

Mike is fascinated, so he stays and watches the practice, and when the practice lets out, goes to leave when Harvey calls out his name. Mike apparently sucks at tailing, because Harvey knew he was following him when Mike got into a cab back at the office.

And Mike thinks Harvey's going to punish him for inserting himself into Harvey's personal life, for not letting it go when Donna told him to, but no.

Harvey needs an assistant coach.

Fill: Peanuts, Crackerjacks, and Unicorns (Gen) [Spoilers up to 01.12 Dog Fight]

I see Paris, I see France, I see Harvey's...lacy women's underpants. (Harvey/Mike)

Prompt: Mike and Harvey have a bet...don't care what it's about...but Harvey loses the bet and Mike wins. The penalty...Harvey has to wear women's lacy lingerie for a week, month, whatever...just more that a day. Mike thinks it's hilarious that only he and Harvey know about what Harvey is wearing under those very expensive, very manly suits (cause, of course, part of the bet is that Harvey has to prove he is actually wearing it by showing it to Mike each day). And it is. It is hilarious...until it becomes a major turnon for Mike...just knowing what is under those suits. And it becomes a major turnon for Harvey that Mike knows what he's wearing.


Fill Link: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1780172#t1780172

Harvey, Mike (Gen) - the escalator tries to eat Mike

Prompt: Harvey and Mike are on an escalator. Harvey is lecturing Mike about punctuality while Mike (who just biked all the way there because he was running behind and Harvey LEFT HIM to prove a point) slumps down and sits on the escalator steps to catch his breath. After getting over the horror and shock of seeing Mike SIT ON THE GROUND in a suit, Harvey says something along the lines of "What are you, five? Get up - now. You're creasing your suit. And haven't you ever heard those cautionary tales about escalators eating kids? For all we know, it has a taste for puppies as well and I don't want to break in a new associate."

But when Mike tries to get up near the top of the escalator, he realizes quickly that he is, in fact, STUCK. The escalator has snagged the material of his pants leg.

Bonus points for:

* Harvey thinks Mike is fucking with him at first and not realizig the serious nature of the situation until he sees that Mike is actually scared

* The escalator pulling Mike's pant leg so tight around his ankle that it breaks his ankle and the teeth of the escalator gouge his skin/cut him

* Mike trying to keep his cool at first, but really freaking out when he realizes he can't tear the material free and it starts to hurt

* Mike literally begging Harvey to help him after his ankle breaks (and later being embarrassed by that fact)

* Harvey finding the emergency stop button and then cutting Mike free from the excruciatingly tight material, putting pressure on Mike's wounds to stop the bleeding until help arrives

*Mike starting to go into shock

* Later, Harvey teasing Mike relentlessly about what a child he is, getting stuck in an escalator ("I thought that only happened to toddlers," etc)

*If slash, first time relationship is preferred (but not absolutely necessary if your muse says otherwise!

Fill: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7619809/1/

Re: Harvey, Mike (Gen) - the escalator tries to eat Mike

Can you please, let me know the prompt link? Also have you linked your fill to the prompt?

(Gen Or Unrequited Het) 5 Ways Harvey and Donna Didn't Meet and the 1 Way They Did

Prompt: Just what it says on the tin, fellow Suiters.

Maybe Donna was a waitress at the diner where Harvey went to study away from the other Harvard drones and she always kept his coffee full and the food he needed but forgot to order coming including the complimentary pie slices when he had a bad day and quizzed him on things as she walked past his table. And then he graduated at the top of his class and he was smart enough to know that it was at least half Donna's credit and also that she was wasting her life her in that crappy diner and asked her to come with him to New York and be his wife secretary and she agreed.

Or maybe he was drowning in his job at the DA's office because he can't keep his life in order AND be a kick-ass attorney and then she walked in one day and set down a coffee and informed him that he has a meeting with a judge in ten minutes and he was like, "Wait, who are you?" and she was like, "Your new secretary." and he was like, "I didn't hire a new secretary," and she was like, "Not yet. We'll discuss that when you get back from your meeting. Shoo shoo."

Did she work in the secretarial pool and buy, borrow, or blackmail her way into the desk in front of his office? Was Harvey the one doing the buying, borrowing, and blackmailing to get her there?

Has he known her since childhood or something and she was BAMF even then and got him to pinky swear that when he became a famous lawyer she could be his secretary—and then totally made him keep that promise when they grew up?

Did he defend her against a fraudulent lawsuit with impossible odds and she pledged her undying devotion when he said screw the odds and won?

I just want five ways they COULD have met and then the one way that anon thinks they actually DID.

Bonus points for explaining the can opener ritual and how it fits into their history. Double bonus points for including at least one mention of Donna falling in love with him and then realizing that she couldn't have it both ways like she mentioned in Dog Fight.

Fill: http://el-spirito23.livejournal.com/8422.html

PS: sorry if I'm not supposed to link back to my journal, this fic got a tiny bit out of hand...

Harvey/Mike, In dreams he comes

Prompt: One night, while he's working on a particularly stressful case, Harvey has a dream about someone he's never met. (Not so odd, granted. That's something that's happened to just about everyone.) But in this dream, this unnamed man jumps over the back of Harvey's couch and sits down next to him, and then proceeds to help Harvey reason through, and therefore solve, his case. And when he wakes up, he remembers everything. He remembers exactly what he has to do to win his case, and he remembers everything about this man, down to the last detail.

A week later, Harvey has another dream with this man in it. And a few days after that, another dream. And another. And another. And another. Harvey keeps having dreams about this man, and only this man. They aren't always doing the same things - sometimes he helps Harvey solve a legal issue, sometimes they're watching movies on Harvey's couch, sometimes they're walking through Central Park - but Harvey always remembers every single detail of them. The light of day doesn't make them fade away. But there is one detail that always eludes him: the man's name.

Then one day, when Harvey goes to get into the back of the town car in front of Pearson Hardman, he sees Mystery Man pedal by on a bicycle. He has to pinch himself to make sure he's not dreaming, not just seeing things, but he soon realizes that no...he isn't. That's the man from his dreams, riding by.

Harvey never imagined the man he loves to spend his dreams with could ever possibly be real. Never. So the idea of being able to spend his waking hours with him too? Intoxicating. Harvey needs to know who he is. And now.

FILL: What Dreams May Come

Kid!Mike Dress Up and Dad!Harvey; Fluff

Prompt: At the end of the day, Single Dad Harvey finds his kid, Mike, asleep in the middle of his closet, after a whole day of playing dress-up and impersonating his awesome lawyer daddy. Basically, asking for adorable fluff, just cause.

Fill: I Wanna Do Everything You Do [1/3] Harvey/OC(Now Deceased)

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