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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Fill Post

Post LINKS to all of your filled prompts here. Include the prompt's description in your comment. This will make it so much easier to catalog all of the filled prompts that are coming in. Be sure to check the Delicious account to make sure I've marked the prompt you've filled as, well, filled. Give me about 24 hours to update the archives. If it's past that or you think I've missed your fill, hit me up in the Mod Post or PM me to get my attention.

Example of proper formatting:
Prompt: "Mike drunk dials Harvey and proceeds to describe the many, many fantasies he's been having about Harvey."
Fill Link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=32854#t32854

ALSO: Copy the header from the prompt that you're filling, so any pairings and triggers are well known. This will also make browsing and archiving easier. Thank you!

Thank you, darlings! You're all doing spectacular jobs on prompting and filling and encouraging each other - I'm proud of each and every one of you. <3

Previous Fill Post is located HERE.

Mike/Harvey On the Desk

Prompt: After Harvey is an asshole one too many times, Top!Mike fucks him on his own desk. Harvey secretly loves it.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=889804#t889804

Warm hands on my heart (Harvey/Mike)- fluff WIP

Prompt: Mike naturally has really cold hands and Harvey warms his hands with his own.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1095116#t1095116

Re: Warm hands on my heart (Harvey/Mike)- fluff

It's not a WIP anymore. It's finished :)

Donna/Mike, Definately Interested, WIP

Prompt:I honestely have no idea what brough this one BUT:

I love the BAMF that Donna is and Mike and his moments of Badassery but also the clear moments when the both of them care, Mike more so than Donna but whatever.

So...can we have Donna and Mike getting together and being BAMFs about it? Keeping it out of the office but then running into random people from PH while they're out on the town?

Bonus points if grammy Ross is involved and she SO APPROVES.

Fill:Currently a mildly porny WIP
Title: Definately Interested
Link: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1095884#t1095884

Harvey/Mike, Secret Affection

PROMPT: I want Harvey being affectionate to Mike while he's asleep. Like he lets him sleep on his shoulder and glares at everyone who makes a sound, holds his hand while Mike dozes off in the car, carries him from the desk to a couch/bed just so he won't be sore in the morning, ruffles his hair, or kisses his forehead, etc. Sooner or later, this makes him realize that he loves Mike and it bothers him. It could be a 5+1 thing where Harvey does all this while Mike is sleeping and the one time Mike was actually awake. I'd love it if Mike hears him say 'I love you' while Harvey thinks he's asleep and they get together in the end~

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1094092#t1094092

Harvey + Mike GEN - Child!Mike first Trick or Treat

Prompt: Pairings: None, Parent & Child Harvey and Mike

Mike is a child (whether de-aged or AU natural age) about five. He has never been trick or treating before. He doesn't understand Halloween. Harvey who is his parent (biological or legal/adoptive/step doesn't matter) decides Mike needs to experience it. He first puts himself and Mike in costumes of writer's choice and then trick-or-treating in decidedly Harvey fashion. Does he make a list and take him to rich clients houses/apartments where he knows it will be good hauling? Does he just take him around his building? Does he have Roy take them in his towncar or does Harvey drive? Just want something cute, funny for Halloween

BONUS: Trick or treating at Jessica, Louis, Donna places. What do they give? Is Louis into the whole thing or under Harvey's withering glare does he just start grabbing items not very appropriate and stuffing them in Mike's bag? Do the gals fuss all over Mike?

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1038284#t1038284

Donna/Harvey - Role Reversal in the Bedroom

Prompt: Donna lied in 01x12 Dog Fight. When she said she had never slept with Harvey, she totally lied and she did it because she's a selfish bitch when it comes to this. Harvey's different with her than the other women he sleeps with, he's not the boss, she is, and she likes that only she gets that side of him. And sometimes, she even lets him have what he wants too.

IDEK, guys, I just want BAMFbutmagnanimous!Donna and submissivebutnotalways!Harvey.

Porny goodness or spilling-over-into-the-office fluff or whatever is fine.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1158092#t1158092

One peaceful afternoon (Harvey/Mike)- established relationship, fluff

Prompt: Mike is terribly afraid of bugs, but he doesn't tell anyone, because what guy wants to own up to a fear of bugs? So one day he's working and there's a giant cricket crawling near the couch and he screams. Harvey runs in.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1183948#t1183948

SWAT Harvey and Mike

Prompt: link
Soooo....any one seen SWAT:Firefight? NO?! It has a blond Gabriel Macht with a GUN in it! Something about a man with a gun just makes shivers run up and down my spine!

So here's the prompt: Suits on a SWAT team. Harvey can lead the team, Donna is his 2IC and the demolitions expert (cause come on, can't you see Donna getting all excited when she gets to make something go BIG BADABOOM!), and Mike is the extremely talented sharpshooter who just qualified for SWAT. Jessica can be the Captain of the precinct or whatever, and Louis can be, well, I don't know what Louis can be. You, author get to decide. Extra brownie points for UST between Harvey and Mike.

Need some inspiration? Here--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm63tuZQKE8, the SWAT:Firefight trailer for your viewing pleasure. Make it happen people!

Fill: (still in progress) http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/3323.html?thread=6143995#t6143995

Harvey/Mike - 10 Things I Hate About You AU

(Harvey/Mike) 5+1 Watching you Sleep, first-time

Prompt:I would love to see a fluffy piece where five times Mike or Harvey watched the other sleep in different situations before they were together, such as on the office couch, slumped over in the break-room, in a hospital waiting room, so on and so forth, and one time they watched after they were together, such as while snuggling on the couch together, or in their shared bed.
Fill link:Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation

Mike; eating disorder - TRIGGER WARNING

Prompt: Mike's really skinny - that much is obvious - and he's extremely self conscious about it. When he was growing up with his gram, they didn't have a lot of money. He became used to often going without food (by convincing her he ate at school, at his friend's house - whatever) so that she could pay for bills.

It got to the point where eating just felt wrong to him. Maybe he feels too heavy with food in his stomach? Maybe he feels bad because he's using money that would be better spent on other things?

Now that he's on his own, with a semi-steady income, Mike's slowly working back to eating regularly. He still gets uncomfortable when Donna chides him for not eating enough, or when Rachel comments how she desperately needs to go on a diet. (He knows, Donna - he's trying. Rachel, you're crazy - you're so lovely the way you are.) And sometimes he catches himself working through meals, which just brings him back to his old ways.

Basically, I want to see Mike as a recovering/still not quite there survivor of an eating disorder. Can be gen, friendship or slash (I prefer Harvey/Mike :3) or whatever anon wants.

Fill: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=467798#t467798
(First post: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=467798#t467798)

Harvey/Mike, Clothing Casualties

Prompt: Five Times Harvey Rips/Shreds/Tears Mike's Clothing Because He Was Too Impatient to Wait For Mike to Unbutton/Unzip/Untie Them and One Time Mike Tries to Do the Same to Harvey But Fails in an Epic Way Because There is No Way Harvey is Going to Let Mike Destroy Clothing That Costs More than Mike's Grammy's Life Insurance Policy

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=677580#t677580

Re: Harvey/Mike, Clothing Casualties

Still a WIP, but I will comment on here when it is completed. :)

The New Deal: Gen, Mike + Harvey (TW for child abuse)

Prompt: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=851148#t851148
Harvey is in his second year of law school, walking back to his place late at night when he comes upon this kid, desperately trying to keep warm in the doorway of a building. It's freezing outside and the kid's got no jacket. Harvey knows it's not really his responsibility, but he just can't leave him there, alright? He figures that as soon as he's put some food in the kid's stomach and let him use the shower, he'll call the cops and tell them he found this starving, cold kid in the streets, and can they please come and get him and find a safe place for this kid to stay?

When Harvey mentions calling the cops, Mike freaks out. It takes a while for Harvey to get it out of him, but eventually Mike manages to tell Harvey that his dad is a cop.

And he isn't so nice to him.

Fill: The New Deal (Gen, except for a brief moment of Harvey/Scotty)
Parts 1 - 16: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=900812#t900812
Parts 17 - 29: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1033420#t1033420
Parts 30 - 45: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1136588#t1136588
Parts 46 - 53: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1270220#t1270220

Or cleaned up and archived in its entirety at AO3:


The Marvey Chronicles (Harvey/Mike)- fangirling WIP

Prompt: The Pearson-Hardman employees ship Harvey/Mike. (non-established relationship)

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=717516#t717516

It's currently a WIP but I'll finish it this month! :)

Re: The Marvey Chronicles (Harvey/Mike)- complete

It's no longer a WIP. It's finished :)

Mr. Harvey J. Specter (Harvey/Mike)- unestablished relationship, jealousy

Prompt: Mike starts to get close to someone at the firm, and Harvey expresses his extreme jealousy.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=1424076#t1424076

(Currently WIP!)

Re: Mr. Harvey J. Specter (Harvey/Mike)- unestablished relationship, jealousy

No longer a WIP. It's finished.