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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Fill Post

Post LINKS to all of your filled prompts here. Include the prompt's description in your comment. This will make it so much easier to catalog all of the filled prompts that are coming in. Be sure to check the Delicious account to make sure I've marked the prompt you've filled as, well, filled. Give me about 24 hours to update the archives. If it's past that or you think I've missed your fill, hit me up in the Mod Post or PM me to get my attention.

Example of proper formatting:
Prompt: "Mike drunk dials Harvey and proceeds to describe the many, many fantasies he's been having about Harvey."
Fill Link: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/1110.html?thread=32854#t32854

ALSO: Copy the header from the prompt that you're filling, so any pairings and triggers are well known. This will also make browsing and archiving easier. Thank you!

Thank you, darlings! You're all doing spectacular jobs on prompting and filling and encouraging each other - I'm proud of each and every one of you. <3

Previous Fill Post is located HERE.

(Deleted comment)


Don't forget to include the header of the prompt that you're filling in the future.

Harvey/Mike, scars (possible triggers for injury/disfigurement?)

Prompt: ‘Mike feels insecure and very self-conscious about his scars from the car accident that had killed his parents and the subsequent surgeries.’
Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=141260#t141260

That is one sweet story. :)


PROMPT: Mike is constantly eating candy, and offering some to Harvey. Harvey does not like sweets... Until he tries them. And then he can't get the thought of what Mike's mouth must taste like out of his head

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=41932#t41932

Harvey/Mike(Slash), language kink

Prompt: Mike handles a client who only speaks French while Harvey has no clue how to deal with her. After Mike successfully lands the client, Harvey can't stop making Mike speak French.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=193228#t193228

Harvey/Mike, rough first time, tender aftercare

Prompt and fill: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/3323.html?thread=5398267#t5398267

Basic promp summary: Harvey uses sex as stress relief when he's angry. Due.to the UST between him and Mike, he comes, on to Mike. Mike is okay with having sex but is also a virgin. Mike bleeds, Harvey is sad. Tender aftercare ensues.


PROMPT: After a really long week of cases and briefs and files and general shenanigans all around, Mike and Harvey finally get to go home and relax. They haven't really had time for anything except working and eating and a bit of sleep, so Harvey really just wants to like, you know, be with his boyfriend.

They start making out and things are getting kind of hot and heavy and Harvey is really into and Mike is....falling asleep. He tries really hard to stay up for Harvey but he basically ends up falling asleep in the middle of the make out sesh.

Cue Harvey sighing in exasperation and adoration and carrying Mike into the bedroom and putting him to bed.

Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=160204#t160204

Harvey/Mike, Donna, Five-plus-One, Flagrante Delicto

Five Times Donna Purposely Walks in on Harvey's Sexytime with Mike Just to Mess with Him and One Time She Was Caught Off-Guard Because Even Queens are Blind-Sided Once in a Lifetime

Or, because that may be just a bit too lengthy for a title:

Donna is Made of Awesome and Amazing and Every Other Word That Describes Her. She knows all, she sees all. She listens. She is the Fax Whisperer, the Queen of Pearson-Hardman (second only to Jessica because she is amazing in her own right). Donna is Donna and if there is one thing that amuses her to no end (aside from making side-comments about Louis's non-existent hair, and frightening a certain small puppy into bribing her with her daily dose of guilt-free hot chocolate), it's screwing with Harvey Spector's sex life with aforementioned puppy (because, really, the raised Harvey-Spector-eyebrow-of-shocked-surprise is always hilarious, and making the puppy think she's out to destroy him with a severe case of blue-balls... Would you be able to pass it up?)

I digress (which is probably how my prompts end up 2142415126 miles long). Basically, I want a five-plus-one (or however many you lovely anons can dream up) of Donna purposely barging in on Harvey/Mike sexytimes just to screw with them, and one time where it was either accidental (but she totally played it off like it was planned), or where she just left them alone (as she pitied their contact-deprived 'special places').


FILL: Harvey/Mike, stampede (1/?) Filled as Gen

PROMPT: Harvey and Mike are on a crowded street full of people where there's an explosion/gunshots/some sort of alarming event. People (as people are wont to do) panic and start running, causing a stampede. Mike, being the slim fellow he is, gets separated from Harvey by the force of the moving crowd. He gets knocked down and trampled by panicking people, and he thinks this is it, I'm done for because he can't get up and people are stepping on him and he's pretty sure someone just broke his leg/ankle by stomping on it. Then, out of nowhere, HARVEY is there like a knight in shining Armani, pushing the panicked crowd away from him, scooping him up, and carrying him to safety.

IDK, I just had this image from Mike's POV of Harvey, back-lit by the sun and all intense and looming, being bad-ass and saving Mike. XD

I'd take gen as an alternative if it strikes your fancy and you don't do slash. :)
FILL: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=228556#t228556

Re: FILL: Harvey/Mike, stampede (1/?) Filled as Gen

PS: the fill is a WIP

Harvey/Mike, hair petting

Prompt: Mike is really, really stressed out, having trouble sleeping, the whole shebang. Harvey notices, and wants to do something about it. Mike confesses that the most surefire way to get him to calm down is petting/stroking his hair, expecting Harvey to laugh at him. He doesn't.
( http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=173260#t173260 )

Fill: In over your head
( http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=229836#t229836 )

Harvey/Donna/Mike, taking care of him

Prompt: Harvey/Donna/Mike, I don't care too much what the situation is (Mike's exhausted, sick, overworked, just plain overwhelmed, injured, his grandma died and he's having a lot of trouble dealing with it, whathaveyou), but I would love to see Donna and Harvey just... taking care of him, making him feel loved, appreciated, etc.

Fill: Take Care aka In Which Donna and Harvey Are Uncharacteristically Sweet and Mike Insists It Is Just Allergies: A Story in Three Parts

Harvey/Mike or gen, boating accident

Prompt: Harvey and Mike are on a client's boat for a meeting. Due to some sort of accident/mechanical failure/etc, the boat ends up sinking. Mike is hurt and can't keep himself afloat (there wasn't time to get life vests, weren't any on board, etc). Harvey must hold him up in the water and keep him afloat, trying to keep him awake and conscious until help arrives.

Fill link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7452485/1/Treading_Water

(Sorry in advance mods, but I haven no idea how to post on LJ, so it's on ym fanfic account >.<)

Mike/Harvey, Self-harm

Prompt: Mike can't handle all the stress. So he goes back to old habits; ones he told Harvey about. But he also told Harvey he stopped. (He lied.)
Fill: http://suits-meme.livejournal.com/1484.html?thread=259020#t259020

Prompt: Psychiatric Ward AU. (Update of Our Own World for phreakycat)
Fill: http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/3323.html?thread=5851899#t5851899


Please, remember to include the header of the prompt that you're filling in the future. Thank you.

Harvey/Mike or gen, puking your guts up.

Prompt: You know when you're really sick and you just puke and puke and puke until you're pretty sure your body has forgotten how to breathe in, and you belly aches and you muscles are sore and you're sweaty and trembling and even your eyeballs hurt? Put Mike in that situation, please. Like, so puke-y and sick and miserable he literally begs to be knocked unconscious or smothered or something. Also, if it happens at the office all the better. And Harvey is all IF YOU PUKE ON MY TOM FORD SUIT I'LL STRANGLE YOU WITH YOUR SHITTY SKINNY TIE but he still wipes Mike's face off and gets him water and supports him down to the town car before taking him home and making him better with snuggles.

Fill: Porcelain Express

Mike/Trevor, Mike/Tom, Mike/others dubcon and domestic violence WIP

Original prompt:
Trevor and Mike are in a relationship--an unhealthy relationship, but a relationship nonetheless. Sometimes Trevor loans Mike out to men to cover some of his debts because even the profits from the weed sales aren't enough to pay the bills, keep him in suits, and keep him alive all at once.

Enter Tom Keller, whom Trevor is deep in debt with. He offers Tom some pot and some time alone with Mike (because we all saw the looks Tom gave Mike in the locker room), free of charge, to help pay off the large debt he owes him.

IDEK. Basically, I'm just in the mood for Mike being loaned out to Tom by Trevor because my mind is like being on crack, but without the expensive upkeep. IDEK. Include whatever else dear anon wishes, and be prepared to be showered with my metaphorical love if you are wonderful enough to fill this.

Link to prompt, fill is nested.