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suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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round four prompt post - CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS


IMPORTANT: Please don't forget to warn for any triggers (these can be found in the Rules post), better to warn when in doubt. If a prompt is not warned for triggers and contains them, it will be screened and you will be asked to re-write it with the appropriate warning. This is to ensure a safe environment for everyone. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your prompt, don't hesitate to use the mod post.


IMPORTANT: Prompts can be reposted in later rounds, but not in the round directly following the prompt's original round. Prompts from Round Two should be reposted in Round Four; prompts from Round Three should be reposted in Round Five. I will delete any prompts that I recognize from Round Three.

Round Four will be closed for 48 hours once it reaches ~2500 comments, and will be closed permanently once it reaches ~5000 comments. During the closed times, people are still allowed to post FILLS, but any PROMPTS posted will be deleted.

Refer to the Rules before posting a prompt.
Direct any of your concerns to the Mod Post.
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Please make sure to post links to your fills in the FILL POST. Thank you. :]

Harvey/Mike, parent trap

I had this stuck in my head for a while. I would really love to see Harvey and Mike in the setting of Parent Trap. Don't care about whether the two kids are adopted or by mpreg. Although I would love mpreg. Maybe Harvey is a hotshot lawyer still and Mike owns or helps out at shelters. Mike doesn't have to be financially equal to Harvey.

Re: Harvey/Mike, parent trap

omggg, this could be so epic

Harvey would so tell his kid a bunch of stories about their other parent, just to distract the little runt from figuring out the truth. so when the two kids finally meet and start talking, the poor kid's like, "...I thought he was a spy? Who joined the circus? And runs a farm in Montana? And plays the ukulele?" while the other kid is just like, "*facepalm*, no dude, he's a dork, he runs the PTA."

and Donna would so keep tabs on Mike and the other twin. she would like, randomly pop into their lives every so often, just to make sure Mike's not doing anything too horrible, like beauty pageants or Mommy and Me Yoga. And every time she stops by, she and Mike get rip roaring drunk and talk shit about Harvey, and Mike ends up asking a bunch of pathetic questions like "...is he seeing anyone? No, don't tell me. I mean - I want to know - no I don't. I - just text me yes or no, okay, don't say it out loud - DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD."

and they're both obviously really stupid, because Harvey doesn't even talk about Mike, like ever, even to his freaking kid, and that's how Donna knows he's really serious about this.

omg omg omg i do not need to be doing this, what is wrong with me, SORRY ANON SORRY, I'M HIJACKING YOUR THREAD

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Harvey x Mike, Doctor Who

Doctor!Mike and Master!Harvey. Time travelling shenanigans with Donna as a companion.

Bonus if Harvey hears drums.

Re: Harvey x Mike, Doctor Who

Doctor!Mike and Master!Harvey



Re: Harvey x Mike, Doctor Who - (Anonymous), 2011-11-07 05:44 am (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike Car accident and coma (trigger?)

Reposted from Round 2

I recently though of this (and from somewhat personal experience), and wanted to post this prompt:

Harvey and Mike get into a car accident, Harvey ends up bruised up but otherwise fine. Mike however, ends up in critical condition and slips into a coma. Harvey doesn't know how to deal with it, at first he's just worried about all the work that he's going to have to deal with now that Mike is in the hospital; but later on he realizes that he's denying the fact that perhaps it's not work that he's worried about, but that he's actually terrified that Mike may never wake up. Mike is in this coma for months and there are no signs that he will wake up, Harvey has to find a way to deal with these new found feelings towards Mike, and the fact that Mike has been in his coma for a while now. I want to see lots of angst in this fill, and when Mike finally does wake up, he has temporarily lost the ability to move his limbs (hands, legs etc. basically has a hard time moving around) from being in his coma and from the accident. Mike deals with the fact that he's useless to Harvey now that he can't even walk to the office and has to take physical therapy. Harvey helps him along the way.

Later on they can establish a relationship but that's up to the anon. I'm usually a smut addict, but if there is any smut in this one, let it be gentle and tender please.

Harvey/Mike AU!Uncle/Nephew

Reposted from Round 2

This is of course AU, so the anon can do as they wish. I suppose there should be a warning for incest (I think it counts if an uncle has sex with his nephew; and sex with a minor at one point.

Mike's father walks out on his mother and him, and his mother is left trying to raise him on her own. Mike's mother eventually passes away from illness (which is up to the anon to what that is), Mike's mother's brother Harvey takes Mike in, and raises his nephew as a promise he made to his sister on her death bed. Mike at an early age (teenager) realizes that he has developed romantic feelings towards Harvey, and confesses to him one day. Harvey has had the same feelings towards Mike, and finds the temptation too much; he accepts Mike's feelings and they hit it off; the two enter a relationship (By then Mike is about 16). Mike graduate from Harvard to please Harvey and gets hired at the same firm Harvey works at to be close to him. Basically a forbidden romance between the two, and how after all these years their relationship has bloomed into something beautiful. I'd love some smut into this, and a description on how Harvey makes love to his nephew for the first time, and rough sex with Mike all grown up.

Re: Harvey/Mike AU!Uncle/Nephew


Re: Harvey/Mike AU!Uncle/Nephew - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 12:06 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike AU!Uncle/Nephew - klair716, 2011-10-03 02:53 am (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Dark!Mike !AU A Darker Side of Mike

Reposted from Round 2

Possible Triggers: violence, gore, assault, murder (implied), guns, drugs,

Mike is portrayed as a cheerful goofy at times out going person at PH, and the other associates like bullying him, not to mention Louis drowning him is more work, In reality, Mike is the exact opposite, he's no spineless lost puppy looking for affection, Mike actually acts out all his emotions towards people after observing others and reading books all his life, so basically he doesn't have real solid emotions and is cold and distant in real life. Not only that, but Mike prefers to be alone, and doesn't give a shit about other people and their lives. There is also a violent side to Mike, where he's crossed the line and has hurt others in the past (maybe an incident happened in which Mike beat an inch out of Trevor's life and messed up their friendship a little). Harvey accidentally gets a glimpse of this darker side of Mike when he witnesses Mike corner by two shady guys (who intend on mugging Mike) and Harvey thinks he's gonna have to save his pathetic ass; but that doesn't happen because Mike beats the crap out of both of them (maybe stabs one of them), and he emerges soaked in blood (not his) and spots Harvey, who at this point either wants to confront Mike about what the fuck he just did and walk away. Mike gives him the coldest and most shallowest expression, and Harvey almost experiences some fear of him. Harvey finds himself rethinking everything he knows about Mike, and is curious as to who Mike really is. Cue, Harvey hires a private investigator to do a thorough check on Mike's past, and has the PI follow Mike around for a while. The PI brings back some very disturbing information, in which Mike has a record for assaulting several people by violently beating them, or injuring them severely enough to send them to the hospital, but was never charged and taken to court. Mike might have quit doing pot and hanging out with Trevor, but he still does drug dealings (cocaine etc. strong stuff) and even weapon smuggling etc. Harvey confronts Mike with all the evidence and Mike points a gun to his head and asks him 'what now?'

I want a dark sadistic Mike, who is emotionally numb and has never truly experienced feelings (even when his parents died, he didn't feel upset to lose them) and is far more dangerous and manipulative than Harvey gave him credit for. No character death please. Harvey can let it go for now about what he has on Mike for whatever reason (up to the anon) and Mike doesn't kill Harvey but expresses a desire to torture him for fun. Mike later ends up manipulating and seducing Harvey, and is confused a little about what he is starting to feel for Harvey.

BONUS: if Mike has shot several people in the past, and implied that he might have actually killed someone before, Harvey ends up in Mike's apartment and sees that Mike has guns and drugs stashed in his room or something, and is a little scared about it, because he didn't expect it from someone like Mike. A love/hate relationship, where Mike constantly tells Harvey he's going to slaughter him to pieces as a way to say that he adores him (mocking or not?) and Harvey laughs it off. I want Harvey to become accustomed to Mike's darker side, and Mike ending up in a stable relationship with Harvey (even with his horrible personality and dangerous habits). No one sided feelings, I want them mutual feelings here (even if Mike is still new to the feeling part). Rough sex between the boys (because Mike likes it rough) at the end please! I really want that in there!

btw i just realized im the dark prompt user in here X) anyone else?

Re: Harvey/Dark!Mike !AU A Darker Side of Mike

Oh, dark/sociopath!Mike, I love you. I've always felt that fandom portrays Mike a little too naive and sweet most of the time, so the occasional dark, scary Mike is nice.

Re: Harvey/Dark!Mike !AU A Darker Side of Mike - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 05:47 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Dark!Mike !AU A Darker Side of Mike - (Anonymous), 2011-11-18 09:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Dark!Mike !AU A Darker Side of Mike - (Anonymous), 2012-01-27 03:47 am (UTC)(Expand)


harvey walks in on mike having a sex dream. Things happen.

(anon does not want dub/non con, tho, please and thank you :D)

Re: harvey/mike

oh yes, I want this in my life

Re: harvey/mike - bontaque, 2011-11-02 09:26 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: harvey/mike - (Anonymous), 2011-11-03 09:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: harvey/mike - bontaque, 2011-11-03 09:55 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: harvey/mike - (Anonymous), 2011-11-03 09:56 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Its time for the annual Pearson Hardman charity bachelor auction!

Auctioning off the boys to the wild and badass girls. Go wild writer!anons, take it anywhere you wish!

I wish I were a better writer! I just had this good idea reading your prompt. Harvey doesn't want to do the auction but Jessica makes him. So he instructs Donna to bid whatever she needs to to win him. Cue Donna and Louis getting in a bidding war over Harvey and Louis being a big sulky baby when he loses.

Could also have Donna win both Harvey AND Mike(with Harvey's money) and make them go on a date together.

(no subject) - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 08:03 am (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - (Anonymous), 2011-10-04 04:52 am (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike AU, Mike as a witness

I'd like to see an AU fic where Mike is a witness in a trial and Harvey interrogates him. Maybe Harvey is defending someone who's guilty and Mike is a witness for the opposing lawyer? With a happy ending and some h/c if you can fit it in there? :)

Harvey/Mike, Havery changing his suit

I'd love to see this: somehow, before an important meeting, coffee is spilled on Harvey and he has to change in front of Mike (because they have to discuss important info before said meeting). Sexiness, hidden glances and UST insures :)

Re: Harvey/Mike, Havery changing his suit

I'll have this filled with a short (maybe 2-3 part) fill by the end of the night, if that's okay?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Re: Harvey/Mike, Havery changing his suit - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 02:11 am (UTC)(Expand)
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Someone puts a hit on Harvey. The first try does nothing but alert everyone that someone wants him dead but no one dares to think that such a strike of luck will repeat itself. Enter everyone reaction to Harvey's life in mortal danger.

You can even write it as a crossover if you want a very badass police/bodywards. Or write an AU where Mike is a bodyguard. Your call.

Harvey/Mike, Priceless AU, escorts

This is based on the Audrey Tautou movie "Priceless", with a few necessary tweaks here and there. So let's say Harvey is an escort (because, come on, who wouldn't pay to hit that). His latest sugar mama takes him to a posh hotel and then abandons him for some reason (goes out, falls asleep, whatever). Of course Mike just so happens to work at this hotel, and when Harvey mistakes him for a guest, he doesn't correct him. Things happen, they end up sleeping together, then in the morning Harvey leaves without a word. One year later Harvey is taken to this hotel again, Mike recognizes him and they repeat the whole dance, but this time they are caught. Sugar mama (it could totally be the doll lady from episode 5) dumps Harvey on his ass, who then tries to make Mike foot his hotel bill -- except, you know, Mike is no millionaire fellow guest, he's just the dude hauling luggage. Furious -- because, ew, poor person cooties -- Harvey leaves Mike with a bill Mike has no way of paying. Enter sugar mama, who thinks Mike is just adorable... you see where this is going, right?

TL;DR: Harvey and Mike are pricey escorts with a wacky rivalry/booty call thing going on, who keep encountering each other in posh hotels and restaurants.

Re: Harvey/Mike, Priceless AU, escorts

AAAAAAAAAAAH +10000000000000000000000000

Re: Harvey/Mike, Priceless AU, escorts - (Anonymous), 2011-10-16 07:46 am (UTC)(Expand)

Gen / forgotten meds

(first prompt ever... sorry if I'm doing something obscenely wrong)
So, I'm a h/c junkie, and ...yeah.
Mike has some sort of medical problem but doesn't buy his emergency meds because he's running low on cash, and his grammy needs some new treatment and "she needs those every day, I only need mine once every few months," and "What kind of idiot are you?" "It's not life-threatening!" "You have meds for a -reason-, Mike, come on." FreakedOut!SecretlyCaring!DealsWithTheSituation!Harvey
Bonus points for: AlsoSkippingMealsBecauseHeCan'tAffordThem!Puppy!Mike, buhdass!Caring!Donna

Re: Gen / forgotten meds

... I obviously don't mean literally a puppy Mike, though...
human Mike, please

Re: Gen / forgotten meds - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 12:13 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Gen / forgotten meds - (Anonymous), 2011-10-11 05:45 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Gen / forgotten meds - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 12:24 am (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike (romance or friendship); H/C; angst

Mike is involved in an accident while on his way home from work late one night. The driver flees the scene while shocked onlookers frantically call for an ambulance. After spending more than a week in a coma, Mike finally wakes up. He cannot feel his legs.

Cue Harvey and Company trying (and mostly failing) to look after the well-being of their Associate while using their considerable resources to investigate the accident.

Bonus points for crazy-frantic-helpless Harvey, dark-emotional Mike slowly cracking below the surface; H/M romance or friendship (up to author); angst, h/c.

Re: Harvey/Mike (romance or friendship); H/C; angst

Want times three billion! Someone who's not a shit writer like me, please fill this!

Harvey/Mike Superhero AU

It starts with Harvey noticing yet another article about [insert press nickname for new vigilante], then noticing the "victim" of the vigilante's "justice" is one of PH's clients. This piques his curiosity about the vigilante and he pays closer attention. And Mike starts acting...strange in response to Harvey's piqued curiosity, especially when it's discovered that the vigilante originally appeared on a date significant to Mike's parents' deaths.

So obviously, I want superhero!Mike - I don't really mind if it's a crossover but would prefer original superhero-vigilante.

Bonus points for Mike being hurt and Harvey having to help him.

Re: Harvey/Mike Superhero AU


I don't want to say I'll do this because I'm terrible with commitments but goodness gracious I just might be tempted if no one else comes along.

Re: Harvey/Mike Superhero AU - (Anonymous), 2011-10-07 01:03 am (UTC)(Expand)
RE: Re: Harvey/Mike Superhero AU - jay_girl88, 2017-08-10 08:20 am (UTC)(Expand)


We need more Benjamin fics in here! I say anything goes - but I'd love some Mike + Ben interaction :)

Re: Benjamin

You know Mike would totally be Benjamin's ideal guy with the whole eidetic memory thing if only he didn't have regrettable frat boy tendencies.

Re: Benjamin - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 01:19 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Benjamin - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 01:28 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Benjamin - (Anonymous), 2011-10-03 01:35 am (UTC)(Expand)
Fill for Benjamin - hypercell, 2012-01-18 02:15 am (UTC)(Expand)
Mod - suitsmeme, 2012-01-18 05:43 pm (UTC)(Expand)