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Rachel is smiley
suitsmeme suitsmeme wrote in suits_meme
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Free For All Post
Free For All Post!

Post about the show, characters, whatever you wish. Gifs and whatnot area welcome. Remember to be nice to each other. I'm considering making a wank post, where you can anon wank whatever you wish.

Previous free for all post is located here.

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suggest prompts?

I noticed recently I haven't written anything non-angsty for non-m/m pairings and want to try more variety. Any suggestions for kink meme prompts you (anyone) like that don't focus on male characters?
Female-centric gen, friendships with at least one female, or f/m, f/f or m/f/f relationships? Preferably not using OCs, but crossovers are awesome. Please :D

also, re: wank post, why not just declare this an anon meme and let people wank or squee as they wish?

Re: suggest prompts?

There are quite a few that are nice. I particularly like this one:
http://suitsmeme.livejournal.com/2038.html?thread=2597622#t2597622, it's a Harvey/Donna, hilariously bad first date.

You can always browse or rather with the new delicious, attempt to browse our bookmarks and see if anything strikes your fancy there.

Another one that I love is the Jessica/Wash prompt, though not sure where that's located currently.

re: wank prompt, the more I think about it, the more I would rather people have another journal to go to for the wanking. I don't want the wank to interfere with this community's friendly atmosphere.

Beta reader

Hi! I was wondering where was the right place to look for a beta reader, does anyone know?
Thank you :)

Re: Beta reader


Re: Beta reader - (Anonymous), 2011-10-10 09:51 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Beta reader - (Anonymous), 2011-10-10 10:01 pm (UTC)(Expand)
I don't know if I should post here or just send a private message - but I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO suitsmeme! :D

No prompt story

Lately, I haven't been able to find a prompt to fill. I have a half finished story that I want to share with you all, but I'm not sure its allowed.

What should I do?

Re: No prompt story

Finish the story and post it to various Suits comms? There are at least three active ones for fic.

Re: No prompt story - (Anonymous), 2011-10-13 07:40 pm (UTC)(Expand)
What's the status on that anon wank post/comm?

It will most likely be another community. I don't want the negativity of wank to be part of this community and the friendly environment that was created here.

Alpha/Omega Multifandom Kink Meme

In cases anyone a)cares b) missed it I'm running a sort of impromptu Alpha/Omega Multifandom Kink Meme over on my journal here. The more the merrier :D

Does anyone know where PH is supposed to be located in the city? What about Harvey's condo? I don't need addresses or anything, but general neighborhoods would be great. It's hard to tell where they're supposed to be in walk-and-talks and what not since they're actually in Toronto.

someone actually posted where it is at a different forum. Here's the link for the actual building: http://601lexingtonavenue.com/601lex/home.php. I hope that helps. As for Harvey's condo, I'm actually not sure where that would be located.

Kinks for kinks?

I know some of us sometimes run out of prompts to post, but there are so many kinks out there that you might be interested in and collaborating it into new prompts. In case no once has already read it, here is a list of 300+ kinks as reference to use for prompts. I find myself looking through it and discovering that I like most of these kinks!


Has anyone tried nominating Suits for Yuletide? I really want to see some rarepairs or gen for rarer characters but am scared it's too big for the exchange.

Re: Yuletide

noticed someone put in Louis, Trevor, Donna, and Jessica. thank you ♥

Transfer of Discussion regarding Learning Disability Prompt

Comment by brokenballoons

I am totally in on behind the reason that this has been requested. Telling someone... ANYONE that they make spelling errors doesn't help the writer at all. As someone with mild dyslexia I don't appreciate being told off about my spelling or grammar errors I make when usually they are so small and insignificant. So yeah, Mike's reaction to being bashed on it totally reasonable and honestly is what does happen when someone gets so fucking frustrated with their writing that any sort of prodding just shuts them down and sends them to revaluate their life.

Okay, rant over, +a fucking million and a half because this pertains to my existence.

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Just wanted to say happy holidays and hope that all of you have a happy new year!!

Volunteering as Therapy

Continuing discussion from here

We had a couple of volunteers (though never for long) who had the same attitude. Like "I AM GOING TO HELP YOU AND YOU ARE GOING TO *LIKE* IT, DAMMIT!" I was called in once or twice to replace volunteers who were just making it worse for the survivor and I just wanted to SLAP THEM (the volunteer, not the survivor, obviously) because it makes it so much harder for the survivor to open up and trust someone who is there only to help them when the douchebag before so thoroughly bollixed it up. I hurt to think of the ones that weren't able to speak up for themselves and ask for a new SAVI, or didn't think they were allowed to.

Oh I bawled like a BABY whenever one of my survivors made those important steps. Seriously, I was a complete mess and their family or whoever is all O_O "UM... RANDOM CRYING CHICK?" And my survivors would introduce me and then the FAMILY wanted to hug me and... Yeah, by the end of it we were all crying. But it was the good kind of tears, so that's all right. :)

You will. It's a long road, unfortunately, but I know you can do it. :)

My therapist agrees with you about everything that came after not being my choice, and I can see where you are coming from but... It's complicated. As these things so often are, right? I guess it's partly that I don't regret my actions or that I followed the orders I was given as much as I think I should—or for the reasons I should anyway. I mean, I did join the military in a time of war—and even if I didn't know exactly what would follow, neither did I go into it completely blind. What I really hate about all of it is that the people involved on my level on both sides aren't really the ones who should have been involved. Does that make sense? Neither side is necessarily innocent, per se, but, really, the problem should have been resolved at levels far over our heads. I don't know, maybe whoever was on my level on the other side was a despicable human being and the world is a better place for anything that happened to them but... I just hate that it came to this, you know? That we couldn't all be adults about this and find better ways to resolve our problems.

And now I'm the one getting free therapy here. *facepalm*

Also, I'm not sure I'm making sense anymore. *forces herself to stop typing*


Re: Volunteering as Therapy (possible TW for discussion of aftereffects of rape)

You are making TOTAL sense! I totally get what you're saying, trust me. And yes - people far above our heads should have figured this shit out so that people didn't have to be hurt or die for political goals. I always remember this quote from when I was younger: "War is fought by children, suffered by women, and started by men who should know better." It's not quite accurate, in the sense that women fight now too, but still - the men who tip that first domino and cause the chain reaction that leads to war are NOT the ones who have to suffer the consequences of that action. They are not fighting, risking their lives and well-being, and somehow it is never THEIR sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/spouses who are either. Maybe they would not be so quick to war if they WERE. *sigh*

I hope you're right about the physical touch thing - really that's something I miss SO MUCH. I used to love to cuddle and hug and just lie next to someone or hold hands - and now every time someone touches me, I end up all tense and sort of frozen until it's over. I just get this feeling like... I don't know, it's hard to describe. It's like I feel dirty or gross, and no one else seems to see it so when people touch me I feel like they don't really know WHAT they're touching, and I feel wrong and uncomfortable and like if they knew how dirty I was they wouldn't want to be touching me at all. So I end up feeling like somehow I'm, like, molesting them or something because I'm letting them touch something dirty and bad without them even knowing it and they'd be disgusted if they knew. And yeah, with some people (mostly guys) I do get scared. Especially if they hug me or they're in my space and I feel cornered or trapped. I really don't like people being behind me either - I used to have panic attacks like in line in the supermarket when some big guy would stand too close behind me. LOL people thought I was nuts, sprinting from line and hyperventilating in the produce section. *sigh* I know how irrational all that is - I see that belief in all the victims I work with, and I can see how wrong it is when it's applied to OTHER people, but there's such a difference between KNOWING something and FEELING it. Every time I try to convince myself that I'm NOT dirty because of what happened to me, there's this insidious little voice in the back of my head that says That's just an excuse, stop trying to pretend to be something you're not and I just can't shake it. And I blame myself a lot for all the dumb choices I made - dating him in the first place, ignoring the warning signs (the possessiveness, jealousy, pushiness, the way he ignored boundaries and pressured me all the time for sex, how angry he'd get if I said no), the way I stayed with him even after he started getting abusive, etc. But I was young, and inexperienced, and he was so good at manipulation and making me feel guilty and insecure and obligated to him. I try to tell myself that hindsight is 20/20 and it's not fair to judge who I was back then with the information I have now, because I just didn't know what I was involved with then like I do now. Sometimes I can even believe it LOL.

But I'm just angry at how many things he ruined, and I miss snuggling and cuddling and even things like my mom hugging me that feel difficult and anxious now. I really need to get a new therapist and work through some of it - I think I'll put it on my to-do list LOL.


PS: I put a TW in my subject just because I wanted to make sure no one who might end up reading my comment was caught unaware of the subject - sometimes I think talking about the feelings associated with rape and abuse is just as triggering as talking about the actual assault, so I wanted to be safe and warn for it just in case anyone else happened to read it. :)

I always wonder what story types other people won't read. And not necessarily because it squicks them out, or it triggers them, but just because that story type doesn't really do anything for them. For me, it's genderswaps. They just don't do anything for me.

I don't read femslash. Like even if it might be a pairing I like (like I kinda like Donna/Rachel) I won't read it simply cause it doesn't do anything for me. Also I'm strait and I like my romance to involve dicks (at least one) and yes I am very shallow and I don't care XD

Rimming, sounding and mpreg also. They aren't really... squicky, and I've seen them done right (not very often cause I'm a picky bitch when it comes to weird kinks) but usually even when they are I'm just "riiiight, okay this does nothing for me much moving on >_> " A friend and I discussed in detail how mpreg (which was squicky) could work biologically and hormonally and everything and it actually took the squick away surprisingly. Still does nothing for me, but I'm not totally turned off by the mention of it like I was.

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Glass Elevator?

So, I keep hearing about Harvey's infamous glass elevator, except I have no idea what episode this is from and I can't find anything about it from a quick search (besides a whole bunch of prompts xD). Was it only mentioned in passing? Or did they actually show it? If anyone can give me a clip/picture, I would be forever thankful. :D

Re: Glass Elevator?

I'm pretty sure it's a fanon thing.

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Damn you weekly prompts :(

I keep randomly thinking about this weeks and then I keep coming up with reasons why no one has a pet peeve in the Suits universe.

Harvey is too much of a hotshot to allow himself to have one.
Mikes too chill.
Donna's too cool.
Louis dislikes everything but the opera to equal degrees.
And Jessica would just stomp that bitch down.

I don't know much about Rachel but she looks like she'd just smooth out that wrinkle.

As typing this I came up with some really cracky ideas...

But anyone else realizing they've put a couple of characters on minor Pedistools.

You can try writing about characters having conversations about pet peeves. Take the prompt in any way you want. As long as its about Pet Peeves. Maybe Mike and Harvey have a conversation about them or Mike tries to find out if Donna has one?

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