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Weekly Challenge #1
Weekly Challenge #1
This week's prompt is Donna's blackmail material.

Your entry should focus in some way on what kind of blackmail material Donna has on someone. This can either be canon (like material she has on Louis or Cameron) or something else.

The rules to the challenge are located here.

Word Requirement:
Minimum: 100 words (drabble)
There is no maximum. Write as much as you want, just as long as you submit it by the deadline.

Posting Rules
Each challenge will be it's own post. You will post your fanfic as a comment or a link to your fanfic there. You can link your fanfic to anywhere you want. Additionally, I have created anArchive of Our Own Collection. You can post your story there, just make sure that you comment with link. 

IMPORTANT: Your fanfic must be new! This is not a challenge to rec your old fanfics. Please, don't do this. This is to inspire new writers to come to the fandom and old writers to get past blocks or whatever else.

Your comment/reply to the challenge should have the following:
1. Fits the given prompt. Therefore, your entry should center around that prompt in some way.
2. In the header: Characters/Pairing, warnings, and rating (though the rating, I'm lenient on). The warnings are ones that can be found at the Rules Post.

Refer to the mod post for any questions.

Polaroids - Gen (Donna, Harvey,Mike) Rated: PG

Donna was the oldest of five, ten years older then the youngest. The thing that happened with being the oldest of that brood is that as a survival instinct she learnt that the best way to control her siblings was the power of blackmail material, and not to use that power for evil.

It really started when she was ten, the rest were born and some were beginning to gain their own survival traits depending on their birth order.

Keith had just figured out weeks and days meant and the joys of a calendar, she had just gotten grounded for two weeks. She'd been fully expecting to serve a few days of her sentence and get early release from the fact that her mother was weary one of five and couldn't remember when she was grounded, just that she'd been climbing fences she shouldn't have and that it had been for two weeks.

Keith, the little brat that he would always be, kindly pointed out that she had only been grounded for three days so far.

Hence, the need for revenge in a way only a ten year girl could feel.

She tried threats and bribes but that only got her grounded longer. Then, by coincidence, she found out that Keith was trading their youngest brother Rollie pollies for his skittles.

Through tears, feet stomping, and decrees of unfairness she also found out it wasn't blackmail if you couldn't prove it.

She still has the old polaroid shed taken. Keith's wife had loved it.

As the years went by her techniques evolved to fit her sibling's utter evilness and brattiness, she loved them now but 'then' they were mini Satans out to ruin her life.

She learnt the dangers of bluffing, age 13 against Martha and the case of the broken vase. She had proof Martha broke it but she wasn't supposed to be out of her room in order to have the proof. Martha didn't believe she'd risk getting in trouble just to out her.

Really, little John hadn't deserved the blame for the vase but what made her go against her original plan of dropping it if Martha called her on her bluff was the belief that she wouldn't go through with it. She did ride the 'Champion of the Weak' card for a full week though.

Since that fateful cry of 'no you won't,' her siblings learnt that oh yes she would until Keith called her on a bluff and the mess that made lasted weeks.

So she learnt the dangers of bluffing, and that she'd better be prepared for the consequences.

Re: Polaroids - Gen (Donna, Harvey,Mike) Rated: PG (part 2/2)

She also learnt the value of holding onto the evidence for a rainy day. Age 16 against Justin and his middle child induced sense of injustice. Honestly, this didn't involve blackmail so much as the threat of revenge and a lesson for the future.

It had started with Justin's usual 'why can I never do anything, I'm ignored by everyone, and nobody cares about me' spiel. It lead to them not seeing the movie she'd been waiting for weeks to see. Then to rub the salt further into her wounds, all her friends had seen it and wouldn't shut up about it.

That same week Justin started his whole spiel when she'd wanted to go out with friends. Her unrivaled fury still going strong, she dragged him off and threatened to show all of his little friends a picture of him putting on their mom's lipstick from a few years ago.

She had gone out with her friends. Funnily enough, it was that same picture that taught Justin to demand that blackmail material be destroyed and her not to over use a piece of blackmail.

Since those childhood days her blackmailing had died down but she still couldn't break the habit of collecting material. Like the photo of a small puppy licking Harvey's face off. She'd had to show it to Jessica for Harvey not to call her bluff, but he had attended Martha's second marriage with her.

Mike on the other hand was trying to decide if she was some minor god like creature. She enjoyed making him think she knew all and flaunted her ability jus to see his deer in headlight look. She really didn't have to do much. He was young and an only child. He really had no defense against her ability to get embarrassing photos and information of him. Unlike Harvey who had an older brother and had adapted accordingly.

Mike was like an unprotected treasure chest of embarrassing moments. Markers up his nose, sleeping under his desk, things like that.

Harvey, anything like that was caught by luck. Like the puppy incident or a kid shoving an ice cream cone in his face. She was saving that one for something special or if Martha divorced and got married again. His brother must have been something to see in action to enforce that much defense.

It made what she had gold, and soon Mike would be an almost Harvey and maybe get a good laugh out of his younger days but the cache that she was building... She was going to get fancy dinners once a week until she was 90.


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