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Weekly Challenge #1
Weekly Challenge #1
This week's prompt is Donna's blackmail material.

Your entry should focus in some way on what kind of blackmail material Donna has on someone. This can either be canon (like material she has on Louis or Cameron) or something else.

The rules to the challenge are located here.

Word Requirement:
Minimum: 100 words (drabble)
There is no maximum. Write as much as you want, just as long as you submit it by the deadline.

Posting Rules
Each challenge will be it's own post. You will post your fanfic as a comment or a link to your fanfic there. You can link your fanfic to anywhere you want. Additionally, I have created anArchive of Our Own Collection. You can post your story there, just make sure that you comment with link. 

IMPORTANT: Your fanfic must be new! This is not a challenge to rec your old fanfics. Please, don't do this. This is to inspire new writers to come to the fandom and old writers to get past blocks or whatever else.

Your comment/reply to the challenge should have the following:
1. Fits the given prompt. Therefore, your entry should center around that prompt in some way.
2. In the header: Characters/Pairing, warnings, and rating (though the rating, I'm lenient on). The warnings are ones that can be found at the Rules Post.

Refer to the mod post for any questions.

Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13)

Donna smiled as she sat back down at her desk. She watched Harvey go back to his office, angry. She shook her head and turned back to her computer.

After an hour, Harvey came out of his office, now much calmer. "You can take a day off but on two conditions."

Donna nodded, smiling.

"First, you never ever try to blackmail me again. Those photos/recording whatever else will be destroyed. Second, make sure that your coverage isn't Norma," said Harvey. Once he was finished, he held his hand out to shake Donna's.

"I wouldn't have to if you had agreed to it in the first place. And Norma isn't bad but yes, I'll make sure that you have someone you're not afraid of," stated Donna, shaking hands with Harvey and sealing the deal.

Harvey looked at her for a few seconds before walking back into his office. "Oh and call Mike. He should have the briefs ready for me," He said before entering his office.

Donna nodded. She waited until Harvey was sitting at his desk before opening her top desk drawer and looking at the amount of DVDs that she had there. Destroy this evidence, he says She thought, whatever you say Harvey. She grabbed the DVD that she blackmailed him with and put it in an envelope. Harvey didn't have to know that she had many more DVDs and audio tapes from the numerous 'late night work' that Harvey and Mike engaged in.

She smiled at Mike when he walked past her desk and mentioned towards the envelope that held the DVD. "That's for you. Oh and you and Harvey should really stop having sex at the office..too many cameras around," She said while typing up a list of things for tomorrow's coverage to do.

Re: Donna, Harvey/Mike (Rating: PG-13)



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