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round six prompt post - spoiler free

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EXAMPLE: Mike/Benjamin from IT, Terminator crossover, hacking into Skynet

Mike is a member of Tech-Com resistance, sent back to help Benjamin hack into Skynet and bring it down. Along the way, they fall in love.

Harvey/Mike !AU Demon!Mike Demonic Contract.


The meeting between Mike and Harvey was all planned out by Mike himself. Mike is a demon hungry for a soul worthy of devouring, and when he sets his eyes on Harvey he is determined to do just that. What Mike doesn't see coming is some psychopath knifing Harvey, who is hanging on for dear life. Mike asks Harvey to make a contract with him, and in return he will spare his life and will serve him until Harvey dies, in return for his soul on the day of his death. Harvey who is not willing to die when he has yet to succeed what he wants in life makes a contract with Mike. Now Mike serves his master Harvey, disguised as a lowly associate to top closer Harvey Specter. The moment Harvey made a deal with Mike, he has acquired a taste for evil. Mike is all too willing to do as his master wishes.

Basically, Harvey has a near death experience, is about to die and makes a contract with Mike who happens to be a demon. In return for sparing his life, Harvey has sold his soul to Mike and Mike will fulfill all of Harvey's wishes until the day that he dies. Harvey becomes somewhat darker after this near death experience, and craves for revenge (on the person who almost killed him) and all of his enemies. Harvey takes advantage of his newly formed contract with Mike, and goes after every single person who is in his way.

BONUS: Mike is oblivious to how humans work, Harvey's first command is for Mike to dress more like Harvey (that includes the whole three piece suit, including that freaking vest). Harvey commands Mike to track down his killer, and torture him in front of Harvey. Lots of gore and angst. A hateful relationship between Harvey and Mike. Mike plays pranks on the other associates. Some of the associates and even Louis fear Mike somewhat. Slight slash~

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Harvey/Mike AU! Underage/Telekinetic/Adopted Son


Trigger Warnings: Death of parents, underage, forbidden romance between an adult and a teenage ;D

Harvey and Jessica have been friends for a very long time, and they know pretty much everything about one another. But when an emergency happens and Jessica has to leave the country/state for (3-4 weeks, up to the anon but it has to be long enough for the boys to bond), she panics because she can't trust just anyone with her son (adopted of course) Mike. Jessica asks Harvey to look after Mike until she comes back, Harvey tries to refuse but Jessica mentions that only someone like him could be able to handle Mike. Harvey agrees to take care of Mike, because how much trouble can the kid be? Mike turns out to be a (age can be from 15-18) who happens to have telekinetic powers that spiral out of control when triggered by anger, fear etc. and have hurt others in the past. Harvey has a similar power to Mike's (and has mastered its control) and so thinks taking care of Mike should be a piece of cake. Mike's powers are far stronger even if he's still young, and Harvey's powers can only block or stop Mike's half of the time.

So basically, Jessica has to leave for some emergency and leaves her telekinetic-adopted-son Mike in the care of Harvey, who has similar powers (but not the same). I want to see Harvey at his wits with Mike because his powers have never failed him up until he meets Mike. Mike looks cute, and innocent on the outside, but on the inside he's an insecure teen (whose powers triggered the car accident that killed his parents and blames himself for it) who is somewhat emotionally numb, with an eidetic memory and is wise beyond his years (he doesn't act like a kid, and doesn't understand things like sarcasm, the meaning of 'fun') and has a mischievous streak on the side.

Of course nothing tastes better than some sprinkles of jailbait!forbidden romance in there. It doesn't need to have smut, just Harvey falling in love with this kid who is a complex puzzle to him, and Mike falling in love with a man who at first is a fatherly figure/older brother figure and then he slowly becomes charmed by Harvey. Fluff please, I want no angst in this one (I'm depressed enough this week). And Jessica permits their 'relationship' as long as Harvey keeps it a secret from the firm, and doesn't hurt/use Mike in anyway or she'll go into BAMF!MommaBear on Harvey and rip his balls off if anything happens to her baby. BONUS If Donna already knows about Mike (because she's Donna, what doesn't she know?)

Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Underage/Telekinetic/Adopted Son

/dig dig dig
Oh look....Gold!

It'd be so awesome if they somehow mangage to tease Louis too. Like it's bring Mikey to work day and Louis is bugging Harvey so Mike trips him and makes his pants rip revealing some sort of embarrassing underwear. In font of all the associates. (I dunno). Or or Kyle could be a douche to Mike when he's in the break room getting himself some coffee or something and Mike out-everything's him. Or or...I dunno.

I am of the firm belief this should get done though.

Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Underage/Telekinetic/Adopted Son - (Anonymous), 2012-06-23 09:19 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Underage/Telekinetic/Adopted Son - (Anonymous), 2012-07-23 09:35 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike or Havery+Mike - Mike leaves the firm

Mike leaves the firm after having a falling out with Harvey and gets a job elsewhere. Sometime later the company that he now works at hires Pearson Hardman for whatever reason and Harvey gets the case. Harvey has a new associate who writes up a contract and goes to show it to the head of the company. Mike just so happens to be in the CEO’s office looks over the contract and finds a loophole that could backfire on the company. Cue Mike going back to the firm with his new boss and Harvey’s new associate to sort the contract out. Harvey obviously has to intervene and see what the problem is only to find Mike sat in the meeting room as well. What happens next and all of the characters’ reactions is up to you.
I don’t mind if it’s gen or slash.
Bonus points if Harvey or Mike throws a punch and if the new associate is an arrogant Harvard douche.

Re: Harvey/Mike or Havery+Mike - Mike leaves the firm

Really, really love this idea!

Re: Harvey/Mike or Havery+Mike - Mike leaves the firm - (Anonymous), 2012-06-20 01:10 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike or Havery+Mike - Mike leaves the firm - (Anonymous), 2012-06-23 09:18 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Gen or any pairing...ticklish Harvey

Harvey is incredibly ticklish, it's his one weakness. Mike and Goddess Donna take advantage of this fact.

Re: Gen or any pairing...ticklish Harvey


FILL: Gen or any pairing...ticklish Harvey [1/?] - (Anonymous), 2016-07-31 09:16 pm (UTC)(Expand)
FILL: Gen or any pairing...ticklish Harvey [2/?] - (Anonymous), 2016-07-31 09:17 pm (UTC)(Expand)
FILL: Gen or any pairing...ticklish Harvey [3/3] - (Anonymous), 2016-07-31 09:18 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Fallen Angel! Mike

Okay so I read a story about this somewhere else for a different show and I really really want to see it for Suits. Harvey finds out somehow that Mike got his wings clipped. And is all how in the world did that happen.

Or Harvey being the devil...and mike being a fallen angel and yeah harvey decides to show him the ropes and what not. I could like that or love really...


Re: Fallen Angel! Mike

I'm basically already writing this prompt, the first one at least

suits/masterchef mashup AU

the associate are the contestants. Harvey, jessica and louis are the judges.

eventual marvey please


Emotionally hurt Mike...

Harvey says something that he means (as we all know he never says some thing he doesn't mean) and it hurts Mike like really really hurts Mike. So mike leaves...it could be Mike leaving the relationship and P&H or just the relationship.

Or that there was no relationship and Mike leaves P&H and goes to work at another firm.

Anyways cue Harvey being silently hurt and distraught that his puppy left and Donna being all fix it. But he can't. He doesn't see Mike for any long amount of elapsed time and his relationship with Donna is strained. He sees Mike walking or in court or something.

Hopefully there would be a happy ending too...

Can Opener...

Just watched Season 1 all over again so...

eplaination for can opener pre-trial ritual please.

Prefer gen not too big on D/H but I could live with it :)

Harvey/Mike, gen or slash

I've been thinking lately that Harvey and Mike have a bizarrely (some might even say inappropriately) close relationship for a boss and their subordinate. You could argue that it's because Harvey is Mike's mentor but I think it comes more from the circumstances that surround Mike being hired at the firm in the first place. They're both hiding the same secret and a certain amount of closeness arises because of it.

So what I'm interested is seeing what their work relationship would be like if Mike had actually graduated college and gone to Harvard Law. How would their dynamic change if Mike had been hired at Pearson Hardman and they didn't have this huge lie connecting them. I certainly couldn't see the bickering and the opening up happening as fast as it did in canon, or even the joking (which I sometimes think Mike only does with Harvey because he's not worried about watching every thing he says to his boss because he knows the man isn't going to fire him).

And leading off that, without that closeness that is there in canon, how would that affect any romantic relationship they might have?

tl;dr If Mike got his associate position legitimately (by graduating from Harvard Law), how would that change his work (and/or romantic) relationship with Harvey?

Fill: You're in the Air (and Breathing) (parts one and two of many)

1. September 3 at nearly 1 in the afternoon

The bull pen went silent the moment Harvey hit the floor and he took a moment out of what was turning into a very bad day to enjoy that. It wasn't that it had never happened before--it happened every time--it was just that he was a stop and smell the roses kind of guy. Of course, it'd be even more enjoyable if his own associate was cowering at his desk along with everyone else. The fact that he wasn't made Harvey's scowl deepen.

"Where's Kyle?" he barked to the room at large and wasn't surprised when no one even looked up. He looked down at the rookie nearest him and hooked his finger into the cord dangling around his neck to pull the bud from his ear, tinny music spilling out as the tiny headphone hit the desk. The kid startled, his highlighter skidding over the page as he bit back what could have been a curse.

"Kyle," Harvey said again when he had the kid's attention.

"He left with Louis nearly an hour ago. I think they were going to play tennis."

"What are you doing?"

"Louis told me to proof--"

"Did you pass Bankruptcy?"


"With Cargill or Bryson?"


"What's your name?"

"Mike Ross."

"Grab the files off Kyle's desk and follow me."

Harvey turned on his heels and headed back toward the elevators, not looking to see if this Mike Ross was following. Harvey was sure he would. He'd better. Harvey had a client meeting in one hour and the contracts needed to be air-tight by then.

Mike sat on the couch in Harvey's office when Harvey pointed toward it and began proofing, calling out typos and bad wording for Harvey to fix until Harvey finally figured out Mike was outpacing him.

"Are you speed reading?"

"A little bit. Section 32(a) doesn't match what's in the original--" Mike stopped when he realized that Harvey was still staring at him, waiting for more of an explanation. "I got into the habit when I was in high school. I'm thorough, I promise. Section 32(a)?"

"Right. Go on."

2: Three hours later

"Okay. So I just had a really strange experience."

"Did your grandma not explain what happens when a girl and a boy who really like each---"

"Ha haha haha. You know Harvey Specter?"

Rachel finally looked up from the screen of her computer to look at Mike, surprised to see how keyed up he was, as if he'd had one energy drink too many. She hadn't seen him that excited since he'd started. It did nice things to his eyes, she decided, and settled back into her chair to cross her arms over her chest, inviting him to continue. "Everyone knows Harvey, Mike."

"I didn't mean--" Mike shook his head and took another step toward Rachel's desk, letting her door swing closed behind him. He was smiling now--more than excited, he was verging on actually looking happy. "He let me help him on a case."

"He never asks the other associates for help."

"I know, right?" Mike tipped his head back and laughed at the ceiling before he began pacing her office. "Kyle flaked and he's really amazing."


"Harvey! He took my suggestions! He let me go with him to meet the clients, and then he asked my opinion after. And actually listened to it like it mattered."

"This is going to become a whole hero worship thing, isn't it."

"No. Maybe. Did I mention he's amazing?"

Harvey/Mike, vulnerable/stressed!Harvey and comforting!Mike

Inspired by this heartbreaking gif:


Do with it what you will!

Crossover with Avengers/Iron Man, gen or Harvey/Tony or Harvey/Mike

A bit of a crack!prompt. Apple's iphone and Google's Android was recently involved in lengthy patent dispute (which the judge threw out, but let's pretend it's still ongoing). Both sides are desperately courting Harvey to represent them in the lawsuit. Harvey is amused, and goes along with it, but really, he's taken.
Not long later, the Starkphone is released and wipes the floor with both of them.

Re: Crossover with Avengers/Iron Man, gen or Harvey/Tony or Harvey/Mike

Yeeeah! Harvey and the Apple/Samsung lawsuit are made for each other!

Mike + Harvey AU Neglected!Mike

Law and Order SVU = fun, new things to do to Mike

Mike's parents just died and his Grammy can barely afford to take care of him, meaning there's barely enough to eat. So Mike goes trash-diving for any scraps he can find. When the owner of the house comes out and finds him, owner call the cops.

Harvey's the cop that gets the call. When Mike and Harvey talk, it's obvious that Mike is super smart, and he won't say anything that would put him in jeopardy of being taken from his Grammy.

Harvey, no matter how much he tries to fight it, gets attached and keeps checking in on Mike. I just want to see how their relationship grows and how Trevor gets woven in there.

Re: Mike + Harvey AU Neglected!Mike

Is this from the one where the kids are homeschooled? Is Mike suppose to be that kid's age in this? (If it's a different one or you want him a different age, please specify. I think I've seen every episode for the first 12 seasons.)

open mouth insert foot - Not drunk Mike

Ok. Just saw a card with a great one liner.

" you know if I were a mosquito I'd totally suck on you"

I really want a fic where Mike just casually blurts this out. Not as a come on. (Well, not intentionally cause he really does want to.) Totally sober. To Harvey. In front of people. Like Jessica, Louis and assorted clients.

Re: open mouth insert foot - Not drunk Mike


Fill- open mouth insert foot - Not drunk Mike - (Anonymous), 2012-07-28 02:00 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: OP-Re: Fill- open mouth insert foot - Not drunk Mike - (Anonymous), 2012-07-28 03:21 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike - kid!fic

Mike has a kid, a daughter, that Harvey (or anyone) didn't know about. The mother died, or decided that she didn't want the kid, and now Mike has full custody. 

Mike and Harvey are just starting to date (like been together two weeks or so) and Mike hasn't gotten around to telling Harvey about his daughter (this is before Mike got custody).

Harvey comes over to Mike's apartment, he needs Mike to go with him to a benefit or something and he shows up announced, Donna with him with a proper suit for Mike. Or something, I just kinda want Donna there.

Mike answers the door when Harvey arrives, not expecting him (obviously) and he is wearing a plastic tiara and a pink feather boa. Harvey had just interrupted a tea party that Mike was having with his daughter. A tea party that had all his daughter's toys, fake tea and cookies, all that typical little girl tea party stuff. 

Harvey and Donna start picking on him, asking Mike if this is what he did in his free time when they hear "daddy?" from the other room and out walks this little adorable blonde girl, dressed in a sparkly pink tutu, with a tiara on her head, and a purple boa around her neck. Harvey and Donna are shocked and Mike awkwardly introduces them. 

Mike and Harvey obviously need to talk so Donna, being the awesome woman that she is, offers to fill Mike's place at the tea party while the boys talk.  

Bonus points if at some point, Harvey and Mike's daughter are left alone together and end up talking and Mike's daughter is all "are you my daddy's boyfriend?" and Harvey is all kinds of awkward answering this. 

Re: Harvey/Mike - kid!fic

I just got attacked by the cute!

Re: Harvey/Mike - kid!fic - (Anonymous), 2012-06-29 12:45 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike - kid!fic - (Anonymous), 2013-12-29 01:12 am (UTC)(Expand)

AU: Harvey/Mike + Kid - the kid is jealous and makes trouble TW:Emotional Angst up the whazoo

Harvey has a son by a previous relationship. It takes Harvey a while before he brings Mike home to meet him. The two seem to get along. The boy is a mini-Harvey, including being the only kid in his elementary school in a three piece suit. He becomes jealous when Harvey moves Mike in. He views Mike as competition. He instigates fights, playing on Harvey's parental guilt. Mike is hit by a drunk driver while distracted arguing on the phone with Harvey, defending himself against the boy's latest tactic. The boy sees how upset his father is, especially when Mike is left in a coma and its unknown if he will live or die. The boy turns to Aunt Donna.

Hope for a happy ending. Want to see lots of emotional angst.

Re: AU: Harvey/Mike + Kid - the kid is jealous and makes trouble TW:Emotional Angst up the whazoo

=O DO WANT. ALOTALOTALOT! kidfics are my druuuuuuuug.

Harvey/Mike, established relationship, h/c

Harvey and Mike have an argument one night, and Harvey storms out and drives off. Cue Mike having a panic attack, because driving angrily in the middle of a fight is what led to the car crash killing his parents. Harvey soon calms down and realises Mike will be freaking out and returns to the apartment. Lots of comforting please!

Re: Harvey/Mike, established relationship, h/c


Re: Harvey/Mike, established relationship, h/c - (Anonymous), 2012-07-09 02:23 am (UTC)(Expand)

Louis, Harvey+Mike - Louis is accused of sexual harrasment

Louis does the pony speech again with a new (or current) associate who mistakenly believes Louis wants to sleep with them. Hey, presto - PH are dealing with their very own sexual harrasment case.

Louis has no choice but to swallow his pride and ask Harvey to represent him. Naturally, Mike helps. I want Harvey and Louis begrudgingly learning (or admitting it at least) to respect each other.

Bonus point if new associate is at least semi-evil and has an actual motive for the accusation.

Bonus Bonus if Mike - in his due diligence - finds some sketchy history in Louis background that could go against him and Harvey's all 'Damn it, Louis. Why didn't you disclose this before?!"

Triple bonus if a lot of people vouch or give character witnesses for Louis. 'Cause he's rather harmless after all. And a good lawyer who they respect.

Donna/Harvey - Pre-trial Ritual

I was watching the Suits Marathon today and got to thinking, Donna and Harvey face each other and then "count" before they start their pre-trial ritual. What if the ritual is that they always kiss before trial because it relaxes Harvey. How did this ritual start? Is the can-opener just a decoy in case someone walks in on them? Or was Harvey waving a can-opener just before his first trial, yelling at someone for having used it without permission, when Donna stepped up and kissed him to get him to shut up and calm down?

Harvey/Mike AU! Mike is Spiderman

I just saw the new Spiderman and realized that I needed this like BURNING:

Harvey sends Mike to do some snooping at the Oscorp building for a case and in the process, Mike gets bitten. Mike develops all these different spidey-skills, and it's getting in the way of his work so much that Harvey gets curious about where his associate has been sneaking off to. Cue a masked vigilante running around the streets of New York, saving innocent children and old ladies and certain egomaniacal lawyers that seem to love getting themselves into dangerous situations. After the first time Spiderman saves Harvey, Harvey gives him his card and tells him that if he'd like, Harvey could be Spiderman's personal lawyer.

Harvey falls for Spiderman hard and fast, and the only thing Mike can do is watch it happen. Mike wants to tell him, is dying to tell Harvey that he's the guy behind the mask, but it's too dangerous.

So when Mike is injured during a fight with Doc Oc, he goes the only place he knows he can be truly safe: Harvey's apartment. The trouble is getting Harvey to treat his wounds without taking off the mask.

Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Mike is Spiderman


Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Mike is Spiderman - (Anonymous), 2012-07-27 04:48 am (UTC)(Expand)

Harvey/Mike AU! Harvey as modern Jay Gatsby

Harvey Specter didn't start out as Harvey Specter: he was born Harvey Specht. Ashamed of his poor rural upbringing and abusive household, he managed to get a scholarship to Harvard and hasn't looked back since officially changing his name the day he turned eighteen. Harvey completely cuts himself off from his old life and creates himself in the image of everything he had desperately wanted but never had: success and money.

So when Mike comes into his life with no law degree, Harvey says, "No problem," because he's fooled the world before.

It's when someone starts digging into his past (an opponent in court, Louis, maybe even Mike himself) that Harvey realizes that he can run anymore.

Re: Harvey/Mike AU! Harvey as modern Jay Gatsby


Harvey, Mike -- AU: ADA Harvey tries to exonerate an innocent Mike he put away

Instead of Clifford Danner, Mike was the innocent kid that ADA Harvey helped put away due to being unaware of Cameron burying evidence. He tries to get him free, but things aren't looking up for Mike.

Cue for more damaged and jaded Mike. Obviously Harvey is an emotionally detached dick originally more interested in fixing his mistake than helping Mike. Bonus points if Grammy was adversely affected by his jailing.

Mike doesn't have to have been put away for the same reason/story Clifford did (in fact, would love it if he wasn't, but since I struggle with that legal stuff, I don't blame anyone needing to reuse the plot we're given in Dogfight).

I haven't seen this prompt or this story; feel free to let me know if you have.

Re: Harvey, Mike -- AU: ADA Harvey tries to exonerate an innocent Mike he put away

I'd love, love to read this. Awesome idea.


I know there have been posts about a shooting at the firm and Mike and Harvey being out of it looking for one another

I want a lockdown of the entire building cause there's a shooter, only he's on the floor below them. Elevators aren't working, phones are down, stairs are closed off, everyone at the firm is told to stay where they are.

Harvey, being Harvey takes it with his normal cool stature, merely sitting in his office and reading a book, Donna with him as well, doors locked.
There's no sound of shooting, he think it's probably just a scare

But when the first shot is fired from downstairs and Harvey can hear the people screaming, he realizes something. . .
Mike went downstairs to bring down some files
Mike is down there

And that's when Harvey has to listen to every shot, every scream, not knowing whether it's Mike or not. He's desperately trying to keep his calm, but it's in the verge of useless and Donna has to persuade him to stay put!

Character death is up to you
If it does happen, I want Harvey freaking out, to the point where Louis even feels sorry for him and drags him away from the scene

I know it's a lot to ask, but it's been in my head for DAYS!

Re: Harvey/Mike

I need this to LIVE!!!!

Re: Harvey/Mike - (Anonymous), 2012-07-14 03:53 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike - (Anonymous), 2012-07-18 12:43 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike PG-13 Shootout 6/6 - (Anonymous), 2012-08-22 06:17 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Harvey/Mike - rainbow_goddess, 2012-08-21 09:51 pm (UTC)(Expand)


Donna has always been around to help Harvey
Even at Harvard

So when he messed up his shoulder and wanted to quit everything and just give up, Angry and upset at the world,
She, being the awesome character she is, got him through it with her typical mixture of 'Everything will be alright' and 'get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself'

She helps him get back on his feet until he spends all his time studying to be a lawyer (Donna helping him study of course), his shoulder starts healing slightly and he's getting his confidence back

Then one day when they're studying, Donna makes some sort of joke that 'You can't have sex anymore right? With a busted shoulder, you're just too fragile for it now'
And Harvey proves her wrong
Very, Very wrong

Harvey/Mike or gen Harvey takes care of a little boy

Someone sister/brother in the firm (maybe Louis'?) drops off their 3-5 year old son for the day for some reason.

Somehow, good guy Mike gets left with the job of taking care of the kid.

Of course the boy (I'm calling him Spencer, but names up to you) loves him instantly.

At some point in time during the day Harvey gives Mike the tasks of bringing some papers across town to a client to sign.

Having no one else to turn to, Mike leaves Spencer with Harvey

Cue Harvey being annoyed and trying to awkwardly take care of him and start up conversations, etc.

But when the day goes on and Harvey notices how smart Spencer is, even at a young age and sees his love of baseball, Harvey suddenly becomes like super dad

When Mike comes back, he stands outside Harvey's office with Donna in shock
Harvey and Spencer are actually playing together and it's the single cutest thing Mike has ever seen in his whole life

He calls Harvey and pretends to be stuck with the client just to buy the two more time together

a few hours later, Mike comes in to see Spencer and Harvey on the couch, Spencer on Harvey's chest, both asleep

Up to you how you want to end it, but super bonus if Spencer comes back the next day and immediately runs into Mike's arms but once he sees Harvey he calls him 'Uncle Harvey'

Re: Harvey/Mike or gen Harvey takes care of a little boy

The cuddly feelings I'm having for this right now are immeasurable.

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